35 : Lizard

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"Sooo, fuck any hot guys lately " My best friend Liz asks from across the booth in the diner we are at.

I've known Liz or otherwise known as Elizabeth or Lizzie since freshman year, after moving out of our shared dorm on campus and moving into the hockey house I live in now because the money was tight I honestly haven't seen her in so long and it feels good talking with her again.

Lizzie is one of those drop dead gorgeous girls, her long straight dirty blonde hair paired with her brown eyes already makes her a dream to look at.

She has perfect features, her never ending legs, her small nose, her perfect smile, her curvy body, her thin waist. She is an absolute dream.

She attracts attention every time she walks into a room whether it's from a girl or a boy. But the thing about Lizzie is she will never notice, she will just keep on hyping you up. I think she is the biggest girls girl I know, and since she recently just got out of a toxic relationship she draws a lot more attention than I think she wants.

"Loganwestwentdownonme" I blurt out squeezing my eyes shut, if there is one person in the world I would tell about me and Logan it would be Lizzie.

"WHAT!" Her shouting draws stares towards our table,

"Shut up!" I whisper-yell at her,

"Im sorry did I hear you right, Logan west went down on you" Lizzie says

"Yep" I say dropping my head

"I missed a chapter"
"The captain of our hockey team went down on you" she exclaims

"Yes!" I hiss out already regretting telling her,

"Was it good?" She says

"What, I'm not telling you that" I say defensively, she gives me a look that means 'your going to tell me one way or another'

"Fine, it was good." Good is an understatement, this morning I was freaking the fuck out - which I still am - because he missed a practice because of me, because I was sleeping next to him.

"What about you" I say desperately trying to change the subject.

"Fine I will only let you change the subject just this once but you better tell me everything later. Im not really interested in anyone at the moment" she says,

"What happened with Jax?" I say mentioning her ex boyfriend, she visibly stiffens in front of me, her face turning pale washing the colour away from her face.

"Nevermind, fuck men!" I say raising my diet coke to hers

"Fuck men" she says as our glasses clink.


"Bye Liz, I'll text you!" I shout after her as I enter JJ's truck,

"Bye Lizard!" JJ calls after her

"You know she hates when you call her that" I say turning my head towards him, he shrugs and turns up the radio.

"Thanks for picking me up" I say, it was around 8pm when we finished and it was dark out so I texted JJ if he could come get me, I could've asked Logan but I still felt bad about his morning.

"It's good"

"How was practice?" I ask

"Good, Logan was late to practice he wouldn't tell us why but I have a bet going that he had a some company with a puck bunny" my insides sink, it feels weird talking about Logan's love life with JJ especially because I'm the one who made him late.

"Oh" is all I say

"Yeah, I mean I'm worried like he doesn't usually do this" JJ continues

I want to scream at him to shut up because now I feel really fucking bad and really fucking responsible.

"You used to do it all the time in high school" I say trying to act causal, he gives me a side eye.

"Yeah we aren't talking about me cupcake" he says shoving his arm into my rib cage,

"Asshole" I cry out half laughing.

We arrive back at the house and I make my way inside, the chill in the air has gotten colder and winter break has become closer.

There is noise coming from the living room as I walk into the house which means Logan and Archie are playing video games, I quietly make my way up the stairs trying not to cause any noise.

As I open the door to my bedroom three not one not two but fucking three bouquets of flowers are lying down on my bed, next to them is a box of celebrations with a card on top, I walk closer and pick up the card.

Because you said you liked them when I picked you up from your class.

Don't overthink.

My heart goes wild reading the card, I know who it is the moment I read it. But I can't believe that he remembered that I told him that because it was like two months ago.

"Are you planning on avoiding me?" Someone says from behind me, I turn around frightened. Logan meets my gaze with a grin on his face.

"No" I lie, he gives me a look which makes me roll my eyes.
"Maybe" I admit

He walks closer to me and places his hands in the curves of my hip, his warm aura makes me want to close my eyes and sleep. I feel so good with him.

"Gracie, nothing that happened today was your fault. Nothing. So stop worrying about it, please."

"Okay" I breathe out after a moment of silence between us.

"Thank you for the flowers and chocolates" I say smiling up at him, I lean on my tiptoes and press a gentle kiss to the corner of his mouth.

"What do you want for dinner baby, we are ordering" he says I pull away from him,


He gives me a gentle peck before walking back downstairs to order, I don't think I have ever been happier. I don't think anyone has ever made me happier.

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