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3rd Person POV

"Why are you in my mansion?"

"First tell me who she is."

"I fucking asked first. Why the fuck you're in South Korea?" The Mafia inquired,in his usual dark tone.

"Don't tell me you're not happy to see me?" Seok-Yun pouted,but Taehyung found it irritating.

"I would rather be happy that you're dead than you coming inside my house. Now tell me... Why the fuck you're here?" He inquired again.

"To finish our unfinished business." She replied,getting near to Taehyung.

"What unfinished business?" He corked his eyebrows.

"You don't remember about us? Tae we were--

"Whatever stupid relationship we had ended when your cheating sister so there is no us between and never there was." He said,literally embarrassing the other.

"We had a story before Aerum Unnie came in the picture." Seok-Yun tried to remind the Mafia who then chuckled humorless.

"There was no story between us,Seok-Yun. We had a one night stand while drunk and everything ended there till we met again when Aerum introduced me to you so..... you and me had no story. I never liked you let alone falling for you." Taehyung spoke out the bitter truth,hurting the other's feelings.

"But I love you. I loved you since that day but you never cared about my love to a point where you married my sister."

"I never knew that cheater was your sister at our first meeting and you know.... I was so blinded in her love that I failed to take it wrong when she was fine after telling her that you and I had a one night stand. Your sister was so at easy all like it's all in my past though it was but she said just blind me.

She wanted me to think like she was a saint when she had many one night stands when I went out. You know what... even if you were the last girl in this world.... I would never marry you. You know why? Because you're no different from her. So now just fucking leave my house." He said pointing at the door.

"I'm not like her." Seok-Yun said persistently,stumping her legs.

"Stop acting like a baby and leave my house." Taehyung was seriously getting irritated.


"Fucking. Stop. Calling. Me. Tae. Seok-Yun." Taehyung warned darkly.

"I'll only leave if that stupid girl leave this house too cuz I know she doesn't sta-- Ah,Tae!" Seok-Yun screamed when Taehyung fisted her hair,in his hands pulling it out.

"Just because I'm fucking queit doesn't mean I'll tolerate your filthy mouth,Park Seok-Yun." He whispered darkly,in her ear,still pulling out her hair with much force.


"You know what? I wish I killed you along with your sister because this face of yours...... reminds me of her and I hate it so if you love your face,never show it to me because I'll do something that you'll regret .....and not me." The Mafia let go of her hair with no care,causing her to hiss.

"You're going to regret this,Kim Taehyung." Seok-Yun said fixing her hair that got messed up.

"Never in my life,I ever regretted. You're the one who is going to regret if you tryna play a game with me and two remainders to you that you must keep in your little brain.

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