³²Sweet Pain

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3rd Person POV

The alarm banged loudly bringing out Dohee from her sleep.

Not exactly peaceful but bad sleep as she dreamed of how worse her day would be.

A dream about Taehyung giving her hard time at the company. "Ugh! Did I even have enough sleep?" She frowned,rubbing her eyes which had eye bugs.

She still needed more sleep.

"He didn't come to cover me at night? Is he for real? He expect me to take care of him but he don't even care about me. Can he be soft for a week at least that maybe I-- maybe what? No,no,no,Dohee. Stop thinking what you're thinking. Stop right now." She warned herself.

She didn't want to fall.

She went upstairs while rubbing her hands to provide herself some warmth as it was cold.

She opened the bedroom slowly to not disturb the Mafia as he was a headache giver most of the times.

Dohee got inside but she halt her steps upon stepping inside the bathroom when she caught a glimpse of sleepy Taehyung.

For a minute,she got bewitched by just seeing how he looked when her husband was asleep,without thinking twice,Dohee did what her heart wanted at that moment. She slowly walked towards the bed,she sat cross-legged on the floor just staring at the captivating face.

She brought her hand,towards Taehyung's face,reading all the moles on his face that were adding more handsomeness to his face.

If Dohee saw Taehyung asleep on their first meeting,then she was sure that she would have fallen for his cute sleepy face that looked so handsome and held beauty in it.

He looked so innocent like a little baby and no one could imagine that his hands were covered with blood almost everyday.

The shades of Kim Taehyung hit different.

"Why is he so handsome and evil at the same time?" The question escaped Dohee's lips,like a breath,her fingers tracing the man's soft cheek.

Don't get her question. Dohee believed that all the evil and bad are ugly just as told in bed time stories but after meeting Kim Taehyung everything changed.

He was just as handsome as the man,her father described when telling her bed time stories.

His face defined perfection.

So she was wondering....

Mostly how he ended up a bad person.

"Have you been like this all your life?" She questioned again,and that's when the man murmured some inaudible words,holding Dohee's hand tightly.

Still in sleep but he was sweating.

Dohee recalled about yesterday,she started calming him by patting on his chest,her other hand patting his hair.

Within a little time,the man stopped.

She took a cloth and wiped the sweat on his forehead,she got a glimpse of time on the watch. "Shit!" She quickly woke up and went to the washroom.

She took off her clothes and she saw herself on the mirror,all naked.

She was staring at all those hickeys Taehyung showered on her neck and collar bone. She traced on that hickey that Taehyung bitten and said her blood tasted sweet,suddenly finding the hickeys beautiful on her,the hickey was paining but for some reasons the pain wasn't really pain but it was....

Sweet pain.

Dohee didn't want people to see her hickeys so she decided to put on a turtle neck.

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