³³Toxic Jealousy

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3rd Person POV

"Thank God. You have finally joined us after like 2 days." Deji started the conversation.

Both Minho and Deji had forced Dohee to join them lunch after breaking her phone a million times,calling her to come to the Cafe.

Dohee had to prep her presentation hastily though she wasn't sure that she will do well but still,she had it in her mind how to present it and mostly because she called Taehyung's manager,Mr Goo and he helped her in other places.

Lucky enough the meeting was rescheduled to 1 pm because the officials from the company said so.

Another thing was,though she joined her friends,Dohee knew that someone would be searching for her and obviously it was the CEO because----- she didn't tell the man that she was going to meet her friends as she knew he won't allow her.

"I was busy during the weekend guys. That's why--- I couldn't get in touch with you." Dohee explained while sipping her juice.

"Yeah,I can tell from the stitch on your forehead. Why didn't you tell us you had an accident wait-- Did CEO Kim did that to you?" Minho whispered the last part.

"Yah,Minnie! CEO Kim isn't that abusive. Right,Dohee?" Deji backed up the man cuz after all--- she had a crush on the man and all her friends knew.

"Yes,it wasn't Mr Kim." Dohee said quickly with a hesitant smile.

She didn't want to start having all the memories of that night. How In-Yeop scared her and--- everything that happened.

"Then what happened? Who hurt you?" Minho asked again concerningly.

"I hurt myself on Friday night. Let's forget it and talk about other things. Please." She said quickly and her friends just stared at each other knowing Dohee was hiding something.

"So-- Hannie called me saying you were in Daegu and even CEO Kim followed you. How was it? Was it romantic? I bet he is too romantic that he can't stand a minute without you." Deji blinked her eyes playfully.

Just when Deji said that,Dohee recalled the moment in Daegu where Taehyung said she wanted her closer to him every second just because of her lips.

"Can I ask you something?" Dohee asked quickly.

"Ofcourse." Minho replied.

"E-rr-- Does it happen that you just like someone lips but --- you don't love them?" Dohee asked hesitantly.

She wasn't asking because of Taehyung's unrestrained habit of kissing her but she asked because of the desire that she started getting whenever Taehyung would kiss her.

The desire of going far.

Far from the kiss ---- to wherever it goes.

Dohee wanted to know if it was just a habit that would pass or--- it was going to end in a bad way.

The bad way meaning----- Fallin for the Mafia.

Minho spit out his juice after Dohee asking meanwhile Deji was just left shocked.

"I regret asking you. Forget it." She continued eating her lunch.

"Are you trying to say-- you like CEO Kim's lips? I mean you just have to because he has those addictive plump lips that when I look at them,I feel like ki--

"Stop drooling on him,Deji." Dohee's jealousy acted.

"Don't tell me you're jealousy,Dohee? You said you hate him,right?" Minho was quite suprised.

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