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Aadvik asked Neel while glaring at him ‘’ Why did you drive yesterday night? “

Neel asked “ When?”

Aadvik said “ Don’t you remember  when we went to the hotel.”

Neel replied “ Oh that! It's because Bhabhi asked me to drive.But what's the problem”

Aadvik “ You are the sole problem for my love life.”

Neel asked in confusion “ Me?”

Aadvik replied “ Agli baar se bich ka bandar banna mat.”

Translation: " Dont meddle in between from next time"

Neel shouted“ Bhai!!! I always helped you from the very first day Bhabhiji came.Mein kaise bich ka bandar ban gaya?(Translation: When did i became the meddle in between you two)

Aadvik muttered “ I know how you have helped.”

Neel while making a sad face "Achai ka zamana he nhi raha. Mein chala” Neel moved out.


Aadvik on call with his best friends.
“Hello “said aadvik

Karan replied “ After a long time we are talking. “

Harshil asked “ How is everything going in Lonon? “

Aadvik replied “ I am not in London. Are you both busy tonight? “

Harshil asked “ When did you return to India? "

Aadvik replied” Just a few days before.”

Karan asked “ You are informing now? Why did you ask about whether we are busy or not? I think you are free. Let's go to a club. “

Harshil replied “ he is not like you who is always in a club with girls. Let's go somewhere else“

Aadvik said “ You both have to attend my wedding reception at 8 “

Karan casually said “ Do you think a wedding reception is my type of place? Parties are only fun for me. “ ( Not realizing Aadvik said his wedding reception)

Harshil exclaimed “ wait ! Your wedding reception?”

Aadvik replied “ Yes my wedding reception”

Karan processed Aadvik’s sentence and a few seconds later asked “ What yes ! When did you get married? “

Harshil said “ Aadvik , Karan likes to prank is acceptable, he is childish. But when did you start joking? “

Karan replied annoyingly to Harshil “ What childish? I am older than you! I always bring fun in this group, otherwise with you two workaholic people anyone can never expect to have fun.”

Aadvik asked“  you both are attending or not?"

Karan replied “ Bro, your prank failed, we won't fall in your trap. “

Harshil replied “ He is right. We both are not fools. The man who dont even talk to girls is married suddenly? We won't believe that! “

Aadvik replied “ Then I am sending you my wedding photos. “

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