Chapter 11

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Bianca is here with a whole ton of dresses. From red to yellow and green to orange. This girl really knows how to dress.

She pushes her way through the door and drops everything on to the couch.

"Help me Vi" she says as she walks to the door dragging a huge bag across the floor. I run over and grab one of the handles and drag with her.

"So what's in it? A dead body."

Bianca laughs. "It's not a dead body Vi, but for someone like you, it's pretty darn close."

I eye the bag carefully before I walk over and unzip it. There before me is quite a lot of heels. I'd take the dead body over this any day.

"B, seriously! I thought I said no heels."

She tilts her head sideways and opens her eyes wide like an innocent puppy. "I know Vi, but it's a business party. You've got to look the part and I'm sorry but flats won't help with that."

I roll my eyes and walk over to the couch where the dresses are laying. Bianca picks up a green dress with a slitted skirt and sequinned design around the chest area. She hands the dress over to me and points to my room.

I walk over to my room and pull the dress over my head. It looks odd, slightly big and unflattering to my body shape.

I walk back into the living room and do a twirl for Bianca. She shakes her head no. "Don't like it."

She hands me a tight simple yellow dress. "Try this."

As I change into the yellow dress and show her, we both shake our heads no. It's too bright and we know it. I slump on the couch, dresses are just not made for me.

"I think I've found the one" B says as she pulls a red dress from the pile. It's those red dresses that are super seductive with a V cut so low my breasts would almost pop out.

I'm not going to lie, it's very sexy but I can't pull sexy off.

"B, I don't think I can pull that off and it's super short."

Bianca giggles and shoves the dress into my hands. "Are you kidding me? You're so damn gorgeous and you've got the body of a goddess. I'm actually jealous. If you'd wear something other then your converse and cardigans then you'd see it too."

I roll my eyes at her exaggeration and change into the red dress. I stare into the mirror. It does like nice. A lot nicer then I thought.

I walk out into the room and Bianca's eyes almost pop out of their socket. "Oh my god! Vi that's the one. Except I think I may have found an even better one."

She pulls out a tight black dress similar to the red with a low V cut but it has a cut down the bottom of the dress, a slit to show more skin and it's quite short. It does look nice.

When I try the black dress, I know this is the one. It cups my body perfectly. I walk into the living room for the millionth time.

Bianca jumps up and down. "Okay, screw the red one, you're wearing this one."

"It's awfully short, don't you think. I don't want everyone to think I'm trying to draw attention or think wrongly of me."

Bianca hugs me. "It's perfect. It's not short. You'll look amazing."

She walks over to the big bag and looks through it until she pulls out a pair of heels. It's a gorgeous royal blue with straps going across the shoe from my ankle and stopping short of my toes. It's definitely beautiful but I know I'll fall in these for sure.

B eyes me carefully. "You'll do fine."

She spends the next two hours helping me walk in them. I slowly get the hang of it but enough to not fall. I still look like a complete mess when I'm walking though.

She hands me a blue clutch, the same colour as the heels. I grab it and walk over to the mirror.

Bianca has a tear in her eye. "Oh my god Vi! You look absolutely gorgeous. Like the most gorgeous creature to ever exist. How are you not a model yet?"

I laugh at that and that slight tension I was feeling eases down a bit.

Not too bad Vi. Not bad at all. I do another twirl and hug Bianca.

"Thank you so much B. You don't know what you've done for me."

"No problem babe" she says as she winks.

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