³⁴An Outlaw

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3rd Person POV

"I'll tell Manager Goo that we won't show up today. We'll go tomorrow for the Christmas eve." The husband said.

"B-But where are you going?"

"Somewhere important." He said firmly and turned to leave.

"You're not--

"I'm going to do that,Princess. And you can't stop me." He said and left immediately.

"Mr Kim,sto-- She run out of the room and the elevator was already closed.

Is he going to kill Mr Lee like the rest of the people who tried to-- No,no. I can't let him kill another person. He shouldn't be killing people. Dohee felt so disturbed,now thinking of what kind of death Taehyung was going to give Mr Yoon.

She pressed the elevator button again and it opened up.

She was feeling restless,desperately wanting to stop her husband.

The elevator landed on the first floor,Dohee was about to leave when she heard her name being called. "Yeonie?" Dohee stared at the younger.

"Hyung has told me to take you home." Yeonjun said.

"Yeonie,I've to stop him. He is going to ki--

"Ssssh." Yeonjun put a finger on his mouth and Dohee just gulped.

He grabbed Dohee's hand and moved out of the company with her,opened the door for her to get in.

Dohee quietly got in the car,Yeonjun got in and started driving. "What were you about to say Dohee?" Yeonjun inquired.

"Your brother is going to kill Mr Lee." Dohee replied.

"You wanted people to hear that?" He asked.

"Don't they know he is capable of killing?" Dohee asked back.

"So you want Hyung to go to jail." He stated in disbelief.

"Ye-- I mean no,I-- "I actually won't blame you if you want him to go to jail. Hyung deserves jail but I'll never wish for my hyung to be jailed." Yeonjun said and Dohee stared at the younger.

Asking herself if she really wanted Taehyung to be jailed or not.

Am I going to be happy? She asked herself.

"Taecyeon hyung is at the company that's why I suddenly grabbed your hand like that. Sorry." Yeonjun apologized.

"Taecyeon?" Dohee furrowed her eyebrows.

"Our cousin. He is an inspector and he hold this deadly grudge with hyung that everytime he wishes for hyung to be jailed." Yeonjun explained.

"Because of his work or--

"Revenge." Yeonjun replied.

"Revenge?"Dohee asked,quite shocked.

"5 years ago,a bomb exploded at one of our farm house,it was one of Hyung's enemies who planted the bomb and unfortunately Taecyeon Hyung's wife and his chilf died in there as they were waiting to party with Taecyeon Hyung's promotion at work.

After that accident,Taehyung hyung said sorry many times to Taecyeon hyung but he never listened so hyung got tired and all they do now is a cat and mouse chase. Taecyeon hyung will do everything to get hyung jailed." Yeonjun explained the story.

"That's really sad."Dohee said and she recalled the first day,she saw Taehyung and Taecyeon and same spot

The despise and smirk on Taecyeon's face and then came her husband's face--- the usual face of never giving a fuck.

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