³⁵A Sin [M]

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3rd Person POV

Kim Jung In was watching his wife pacing back and forth,around the house,anticipation killing like her hell.

He didn't even put a comment,because he knew the woman was angry.

She had been waiting for the news but nothing was coming up,not even showing Kim Taehyung hurt someone,after every dream she had for the night and the results were just---- a flop.

All she was expecting was a call,and her phone started ringing.


"Nothing happened. I just saw Uncle Byung-Chan with a band aid. Nothing apart from that." Seok-Yun who had called said over the call.

She threw away her phone that cracked on the floor,cracking the phone wasn't enough that she threw a glass jar on the LED screen,breaking it,shocking her husband.

"What happened,Honey?" The man asked,concerningly.

"Taehyung didn't kill Byung-Chan. He didn't kill him." She said,kinda like convincing herself that it was true but it was hard to believe.

"He didn't kill him?" Jung In got shocked like his wife.

Young-Ae took a glass of liquor that was beside her,and gulped it down in a go. "My brain has already killed Byung-Chan. It'll hurt my ego if he sees tomorrow." She smirked.


"Byung-Chan has to die tonight. Come what may." She chuckled bitterly.

"What will happen then?"

"I already planned it all,Jung In. Byung-Chan dying and Taehyung taking the blame. But--- I've to know the reason why he just left Byung-Chan without killing him. He isn't the Taehyung I know--- something is happening behind the closeted window. I've to go deep into it." She said while contemplating.

She knew there was no way,Taehyung would just spare someone who made him angry.

But what was it that she didn't know.


The car stopped,Dohee got out of the car and seeing the view in front of her,she got kinda surprised.

"Airport? Why are we here,Mr Kim?" Dohee asked while confused,looking at Taehyung who just got out of the car.

After Dohee confessing about her addiction to Taehyung's lips earlier and them kissing,Taehyung suggested to leave as it was snowing and it was getting colder.

"We're going home."


"Yes." He said,he then held Dohee's hand,and started walking inside the airport,actually private one.

It would be a lie,if Taehyung holding her hand didn't cause butterflies in her stomach. He held her softly,that was a shocking thing because everytime he always grabbed her wrist and started dragging her but that moment it was different.

It was euphoric.

Dohee couldn't hold her smile,looking at their hands connected and then looked at the man's face.

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