³⁶Late Night

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"The police. Mr Kim got arrested just when we landed."

To say that Dohee was shocked when the pilot said that,it would be an understatement.

She lost her balance,stepping back,mind flooded with so many questions.

The state of being scared and fear for her husband,adding up to it---- feeling bad to him.

The most important question was---

Why did it have to happen on the day she felt kind of love and care from the man?

Dohee's state of mind was so unstable.

She thought,she saved the man then how did everything happen.

Who got him jailed?

"Ehm-- Will you take me to the police? Right now." She said,already feeling heavy,wiping her tears that started coming out suddenly.

"Ma'am,it's 2 am. I'm afraid that visiting hours are over. You can't-- "Please understand,Mr. I've to go meet him,I just want to talk and see him. Please,Sir." Dohee pleaded to the man,she was so desperate to meet Taehyung.

The man looked at Dohee,feeling pity that she was such in a situation.

Also a bit surprised and shocked that Taehyung and her were in this kind of relationship.

The caring relationship.

Actually the time,Taehyung was going,his plan was bringing his car near to the plane side then carry Dohee and go home unfortunately,the police came and everything.

Taehyung just told the pilot,to take care of Dohee when she woke up but he fucked up,by telling Dohee that Taehyung got jailed.

He found Dohee different from all the girls Taehyung brought in the plane also how Taehyung treated her-- whenever he'll have one night stands,he would sleep with them and left them in the room then he slept outside.

But it was different with the lady,Dohee.

Quite unusual.

"Let's go." He said,sympathizing the younger.

"Thank you." Dohee bowed.

"Go and put warm clothes. It's too cold outside." He advised the younger.

"Yes." She replied.


"You know the more you stay queit,the more we'll be staying in this room." Taecyeon said,for the third time.

Two hours and minutes already passed,Taehyung wasn't saying a single word,instead he was tapping his fingers on the table,not looking at his cousin also officer.

He was loving how the man was struggling to make him speak,it was giving him some peace.

The Mafia just loved giving people hard time.

His way of living.

"If you won't speak then I'll use force." He warned.

"Who is stopping you?" The Mafia corked his eyebrow. Rudeness displayed in his eyes.

He spoke for the first time,after two hours and his words were even unpredictable.

Telling the officer to use force.

Was he mad or what?

Didn't want peace?

"Are you kidding me,Tae--

"Mr Kim. Don't fucking act formal with me,Officer." He said firmly,looking in his eyes.

Taecyeon felt like slapping the younger,he was getting on his nerves.

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