some ones jelly (not edit)

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Third person

Hanna herd colts and annas conversion and it hurt her even more.

"Hey Elizabeth can you get colt for me" hanna asked Elizabeth and she nodded running off.

Lilly you shouldn't make promises you couldent keep hanna told lilly in a stern voice.

What do you mean lilly answerd through our mind link

Were going to leve soon after all colt already said he wouldn't leave his family

Hanna eyes threaten for tears to come out but she pushed them back down.

Its almost been a month i wonder how things are in the pack. Hanna told lilly changing the subject.

Colt walked in carrying Elizabeth on his sholders.

"You needed somthing" he said and looked at hanna.

"Um i just wanted to say thank you for helping us on our time of need but i think its time for us to go" hanna told colt and she stood up, lilly got up from the bed hearing her bones crack.

She was still bruised and she was human so she couldent heal as fast as werewolfs could but she could bear the pain.

"Woah woah its still to early the out cast is still out there" he souded a little panicked.

"What do you mean its still out there i thought you captured it" hanna added in now getting curious.

"He escaped" colt finally said it "well way to go sea weed eyes" lilly told colt as she stretched her arms. Just as Andrew came in with some news about the outcast and hannas phone vibrating like its going to explode.

"Well if miss sun shine awake" he teased lilly. Lilly stoped stretching and looked at andrew in the door way "why are you here short guy" she said.

"Well is that any way to treat a man who saved you" andrew said and leaned agenst the wall.

"Oh yeah lilly you cuddled up to andrew after we saved you guys" colt added in and raised his eye brows as a teasing them both.

Lilly blushed and quality hid her face "like i would ever cuddle with him!" she shouted.

So it was him who said those words to me

She thought just as colt did the biggest mistake ever.

"You know you guys would make a cute pair" colt stated before lilly through her shoe at him and made andrew laugh.

Hanna laughed as she watched colt argue with andrew and lilly.

How cute he looked as he chuckled.

"Well im going to get some freash air wanna come Eliz" lilly asked her already getting tired of arguing with the a hole and his friend.

Elizabeth nodded and they both walked out of the room leaving andrew and colt alone with hanna.

"Oh yeah speaking of somthing annoying your phone has been going off like crazy" andrew reached in his pocket and was about to hand it to hanna.

"Its probably jackson wondering what going on and why i havent cheaked in with him" hanna said and was an inch away from grabing her phone before colt took it away.

"Whos this jackson guy" he raised an eye brow and stared at hanna.

"Hes my friend" hanna stated and tried taking the phone away.

"What kind of friend" he asked lifting the phone higher out of hanna reach for sure.

"Hes like my brother but hes not my blood, his parents took me in after my parents passed away" hanna stated making colt give her the phone and andrew listen.

"Your parents passed away" colt had some pitty in his voice.

"Yeah but just forget it ima get something to eat" hanna said and took her phone walking out of the room.

I was planning to make this longer but i had to do some things so this is all i could have wrote, and next will be going to Elizabeth and lilly.

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