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The recption was over. Guests have left. Lakshita was still with Anika in her room, to clean her dress which was got stained due to drink.

Laskhita went in washroom and closed the door and immediately calls her mom and says " Tell the driver to leave." Lakshita Mom " Why? " Lakshita replied" Just do it mumma." and she cuts the call.

Lakshita came down.
Lakshita said " Aunty, did mom and dad left?"
Aadvik's Mom replied to her " Yes, they did"
Lakshita said panicked " How will I go then? Why did they left without me?"

Aadvik's Mom replied " Why are you worried about that. We are all here."

Lakshita replied smiling " You know aunty I panic soon without thinking. "

Lakshita added " Aadvik can you drop me now?"

Ishani thought looking at her from head to toe irritated " She is a smart player. Very good at these things. Playing the victim. She thinks he will drop her house at night! "

Aadvik replied " Now! Sure lets go then"

Ishani immediately looks towards Aadvik in confusion " why did he agree to drop her?"

Aadvik went with Lakshita.

Ishani was about to go from there. But Aadvik's cousin sister came to her and stopped her.

She said " Ishani can you take care of Aahan for some time. I have to pick up a call."

Ishani took Aahan in her arms. Ishani and Anika went in Aadvik-ishani's room.

Ishani asked " Umhh.. anika. I have to ask you something."
Anika replied " Yes bhabes."

Ishani asked "Mr. Mehta and Lakshita were in relationship before?"

Anika replied immediately " No bhabes! What made you think so?"

Ishani in a confused look " You told me earlier like she is...."

Anika replied " That Chipkoo didi?"

Ishani didn't replied anything.

Anika replied " Bhabes, they were never in relationship. Its just she is very clingy from the very beginning. I was afraid I didn't wanted her to be my bhabes. But as per I know her she wont step back even now if Aadvik bro is married with you."

Neel came and said " Ahaan is here.! "

Anika said " But bhabes, you are the only best to be my bhabes. No one else can take your place. I wont let anyone."

Neel asked " Why are you suddenly talking about these. Why will some one else even take her place. She is irreplaceable. "

Anika was going to speak but Ishani touched her hands to not tell him.

Anika said " Don't worry Bhabhes, Neel knows everything too."

Ishani asked " Then why did Mr. Mehta don't know about these?"

Neel replied " What are you both discussing about? I am getting curious now!"

Anika said " That chipkoo"

neel replied " What happened?"

Anika said " Bhai went to drop her at her house."

Neel said " Who invited her? "

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