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Umrein lag jayngi isq ko
sabdo m bya krne mai
Jo krta jai jo jeeta
Wo hi jaan skta h
bus ehsaanso mai

Apna pyaaar dena
na na bhoole cmnt krke jaruru jaye khooob sare vote kreee❤️💐🌝🌚

Do it for you author 🥲

Aarushi"s pov

I came to my room and quickly started getting ready.


Because I have to go to the market and finish shopping quickly, and then I have to go to Paro's place too.

Yes, I've refused to get married myself, but attending others' weddings is a different kind of fun-free food, dancing, oh my my...And besides, I'm the bride's only companion, after all.

I used to have many friends, but everyone got busy with their lives, some got busy with their careers, but she was always there with me, always, and she still is. And who else can tolerate me? I reassured myself in my mind.

***After 3 days.....

Finally, today I'm going to Paro's place.
All my packing is done. I grab my bag and head to the living room.

"For you, there's kachauri and samosa for the journey. Don't eat anything else on the way, or your stomach will get upset. And yes, don't eat too much junk food at the wedding. Drive slowly"

mom handed me the box .

"He hari he jaganath ye kya hua mishrain k muh se pyaar ki barsaat !!

(Is anyone capable of saying anything with love?)

I said with a smirk ,rolling my eyes.

"Yes, because I'm your mother. You'll understand when you become a mother,".

mom replied.

"Oh, Mishrain, this day won't come because I won't let your son-in-law come. Bye, everyone, I said.
waving goodbye and sitting in my Thar to head to Delhi.

Yes, I have a Thar. I bought it with my hard-earned money. After learning dance.

In the evening, I reach Delhi.

"Hello, Paro, your Devdas has arrived," I said.

Paro rushes over and hugs me, and I congratulate her on her wedding.

Then, I met her family, and then we went to our room.

"I had told you to come earlier, and now you've come when my wedding functions will start in just two days "

she retroted.

"Sukar mna mai aa gai nhi to akele roti rhti tu huhhh!!

(Oh, well, at least I'm here now.huhh?? )

"Let's celebrate," I said. "And anyway, two days are not too few.

"Today is almost over, right? It's already evening. Tomorrow, Rohit and his friends will arrive here, and tomorrow evening is our bachelor party. His family will arrive the day after tomorrow, and then it's the wedding,".

she said.

"Come on, let's enjoy the time we have together".

I assurred her .

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