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              Dekha tainu pehli pehli baar ve
              Hone lga dil bekraar we
              Hayee m ki kraaa


In Shangvi Palace,

Everyone was sitting in the hall chatting.

"For me, this is like a dream come true, that nonu's wedding will happens" ,I'll bring such a bride for him that everyone will be left stunned. After all, the bride will also be the pride of Shangvi family," Grandma said.

"No, Maa, these days it's a modern era. We won't search for a traditional bride. Everyone's daughters-in-law will be in awe of her. We'll bring a modern daughter-in-law for our son," Aunty said.

"Don't bring someone too modern like last time, his husband said jokingly.

"No, no, I won't bring a modern one. I'll bring a simple one who can take care of my child. His pain needs to be understood by someone; his mother said.

"We'll bring a businesswoman for him, someone who matches his ambition,his father said.

"Ask the one whose wedding it is," Riya said.

"How will we ask them? They don't even come home," Simmi said.(younger cousin)

"And the reason he don't come home is because we all know Simmi said, looking towards Badi maa (aunty/tai ji)

"When speaking to elders, it's important to maintain respect and not to interrupt".

Badi maa 's stern and loud voice echoed, silencing everyone in the hall, and the atmosphere instantly turned sour.

Detail ****INTRO

Late.Mr.manohar shangvi(GRANFATHER)
Mrs.Malti Sangvi (GRNDMTHR)

Late.mr.Sandeep shangvi(Bade papa)
Mrs maya shnagvi (Badi maa)
**Politician **
Dghtr Riya shanvi.(eldersis)

Mr.Raj shangvi(FATHER)
Doctor/Have their own clinic.
Mrs.Roopa shangvi (MOTHER)
Son-Rudra shnagvi (28yr)

Mr.Alok shangvi (CHACHA JI /UNCLE)
*DOCTOR/ work with his brother Raj shangvi.
Mrs.Lata shangvi(CHACHI JI/AUNTY)
Dgtr - Simmi shnagvi(cousin)


                        ** Rudra's pov**

Mr.Rudra shangvi
28 yera old

√√Rudra"s p.o.v.√√


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