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Teri Baho m mili
Esi rahat si mujhe
Ho gai jane jana
teri adat si mujhe.

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                        Arushi 'p.o.v

Amar came in and closed the door behind him.
He started approaching me and said, 'No baby, now I will eat you".

After listening this my blood is boiled i sleped him so hard .

He removed his tie and tied my both the hand.

His actions frightened me, but I pretended not to be afraid at all.

'Are you crazy? Open the door!'

I said.

as I tried to open the door, he pulled me forcefully and laid me on the bed.

He started to force himself on me, and I was trying to defend myself.

Such a basterd he is ....i knew it

I tried to break free, but his physical strength was overpowering, and tears were streaming down my face.

Then someone broke the door and came in.
He removed Amar from on top of me, and in a panic, without looking at who it was, I hugged him tightly..

                 Rudra"s pov

As soon as she hugged them, I felt the warm breath from her trembling lips on my neck, and a sensation ran through my entire body.

She was very scared, so I held her tightly in my arms, feeling a sense of reassurance at that moment.

"Relax, nothing will happen. I'm here,' I said softly, and separated Arushi from the hug.

Then I started beating Amar, hitting him repeatedly. How he dare to touch my girl.

I could have killed him, but then Arushi stopped me.

"Leave him, he'll die".

she said.

When I get angry, I become uncontrollable. Following Arushi's request, I let him go, locked the room, and both of us returned to the wedding pretending as if nothing had happened.

                 Aarushi's p.o.v

I came back to alter trust me still i was not feeling any sense .

Whatever happened in the rooom is just disgustinh !!

Mishraian shi khti h m kbhi kbhi jyada hi naughty harkat kr deti hu tbhi easa hua mere sath

(Mishrain was right may be i am too much at some time that why i receve this .)

Waise itna v maine kuch nhi kia tha wo amar ka bachha jo deserve krta tha whi kia huhhh !?

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