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Tauba ye lamhe
Kat'te nhi
Ankho se meri
Hat'te nhi
Dar lgta hai
Mujhe khne m jii
Dil to bchaa hai jii

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Aarushi's pov.

I was thinking about all this when my dad came into my room.

"What are you doing, Beta?" he asked.

"Nothing, Dad. Come in, why are you standing there?" I said.

"Shangvi ji called. They agreed, and I'm here to hear your opinion, Beta ,Before you say anything, remember, the Shangvi family is very respected and has been wanting this for a long time.
Every parent wants their child to be happy, and I've known them for years. Rudra is also a very nice boy. I've never forced you before, and I won't do it today either, but think about it once, and then let me know," Dad said.

I had never seen Dad so serious before. Although he didn't directly ask me to say yes, it was evident from his words.

Mishra ji to emotional blackmail kr gye mujhe !!

[Mr.mishra emotinally blackmailing me ]

I thought a lot, and then an idea came to my mind.

I'll call that waiter, I mean Rudra, and ask him to refuse. This way, my work will also be done, and Dad won't feel bad. Yes!

Mushibat mera dusra naam h bachuuu

[Trouble is my another name]

I opened my laptop and searched for his number, but couldn't find it.
Instead, I found his P.A. number .
closing the tabs and call his PA ,After two attempts, he picked up.

Hello," he said.

Mr.shiv ??? I introgated .

"Yea who is this " he said

"Actually i want to talk mr.Rudra Sangvhi can i " I said.

"No ma'am you can't he is on meeting
Tell me your appointment time i will told him he will contact you later"

He said

"No no actualy i don't have any appointmnet with him , I just want to talk ".

"Soryy ma'am without appontmnet he neither talk nor meet " he addeed.

"Wait wait wait just tell him that Aarsuhi called him please could you i said politily".

"Ok ma'am i will".
He cut the call.

Ek ghnta ho gya yrr us chomu ne bataya v hoga ki nhi

It's been an hour, and he still hasn't called. Maybe that idiot is thinking whether to call or not. Should I call him?"

Then my phone rang, an unknown number calling.

"Hello? I answered.

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