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Tere naina ese kafir
Kya chupau tujhse akhir
Tu to jane meri sari choriyaan
Tere piche tere piche
Chal du mai aknhe miche
Tere hato mai hai meri doriyaan
Tu hi chaan tu hi meri rataan
Tu hi dhup meri tu hi barsatann
Mai yara tainu sab maneya !!
Tu mane
ya na mane Dildara
Asaan ta tainu
rab maneyaa !!

After some.days***

Aarushi's p.o.v.

I called Rudra

"Hi, dear would be husband," I said.

"What's the matter? You agreed too quickly".

he said.

Agreed. My foot soon you will get why i am agree. I chukled while thiking this.

"Well, I was saying that since our wedding is also going to happen, I need to go shopping, and since you're going to be my husband, you'll also handle the bill, right?" I said.

"Yeah, I'm sending Shiv with the card to you. Whatever you need, just take it," he replied.

I hung up the phone.


[Let's see what happens next!!! I said while playing with my phone ]

Shiv came with the card, and I took Mom, Dad, brother, and sister along for shopping.

Along the way, I thought of informing Paro first; otherwise, she'd get angry if she found out my wedding happened here without her knowing.

I called her and told her everything since I was on my way, and Shiv was bringing everyone else in his car.

I informed Paro with every thing , but before she could say anything, Rohit take the phone and said, "Aaru, you're going to be so lucky that You're getting such a husband! He's handsome, rich, and what more could you want?"

Paro took the phone back and said,
Ita sab ho hi gya tha to shadi ke baad btatai ab tu mujhe abhi btane ka kast kyu kia .

[That much happened and you telling me now. You know what you should tell me this after your wedding .]

Kya yaar tu hmesa senti rhti hai yha mere lagi padi h tujhe btane ki padi hai

I took a dreep breath and closed my eyes then opene and said.

"Here i am in truoble and you are caring about late and early"

"Look, you're my friend, and whatever decision you make, I'll support you. But yes, it's important to note that he's not as bad as you're thinking. So, think twice before doing anything wrong with him".

She said !!


I went shopping, first bought clothes for everyone, then I asked them to go home, and I did my shopping.

I exhausted the limit of one card, then used another, then third and finally, today, I arrived home after shopping worth 50 lakh.

Ab tk to use pta chal hi gya hoga bechara khi behosh na ho gya ho !! Hihihhhi

[I thought by now Rudra must have found out. ]

Poor guy, he might have fainted from shock.i gigelled as i was celebrating my victory..

I was waiting in the night for Rudra's message or call, wondering when he would get angry at me for spending his money.
Then his call came, and I picked up.

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