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World poetry day -21 march ❤️
Well wishses to all poetry,shayari lovers & writers❤️

Jab wo kaho koi
Bda pyaara tha
To smjh lena
Unka hamari trf ishara tha❤️🤍

Aarushi"s pov

The next day, when I opened my eyes, I found myself sitting on the bed, still dazed.

As I looked at the clock on the wall, it showed three in the evening.

I couldn't believe it i had slept for almost 24 hour .

I had woken up in the evening instead of the morning.

I quickly showered and went outside, only to find Rudra already in my room.

"Good morning... I mean good evening," he said with a smile, looking at his watch.

"I... I think I overslept," I said, embarrassed, tucking my hair behind my ears."

He gestured towards the tray placed on the table and said,your food.

'Eww, what is this greenish-blue thing?' 'Who will eat this?' I replied.

'They call it healthy food, which has nothing to do with your cravings.

That's why you suffer so much afterward.'he said.

His words didn't interest me, but there was determination in his tone.

"At least the food should look good if not taste good, I replied in ressentment.

'Hey, this is really tasty, try it,' he insisted, describing it as if it were some coveted dish that people longed to eat, and I was lucky to have it."

"Tonight is Shiv's engagement, and we have to go there. If you're comfortable, we'll go; otherwise, I'll convince him".

he said to me.

"No, we'll go. I'm feeling better since yesterday," I replied, eating while looking down.

"Okay," he said, and started heading out of the room.

"Suno,why didn't you go to the office?"

I asked him, trying to divert the conversation.

"I'll stay here until your periods are over, and if you need me, remember that," he said as if it were a common thing.

"You're not going to the office for a week, why?" I persisted. "Look, I'm fine. I slept all day today and will do the same tomorrow, and you'll go to work. I've already said it, that's it," I told him firmly.

And if I need anything, others are at home, so don't worry about any thing," I said in an irritated tone.


"But nothing, I've said, and your doing it," I said, and got busy with my own food.

In the evening, I was getting ready for the party and humming to myself, sajna hai mujhe sjan ke liye aaina jra nihaar looo khud apni njara utaaar lu .

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