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Aarushi*s pov

     Tere khyaal etbaar huwa mujhe

               Pta nhi kab pyaar hua mujhe
After returning home from shopping, all I could feel about myself was disgust. How could I consider him so wrong? I don't even deserve him.

I underestimated him so much, never gave him a chance to think for himself, just kept bothering him.

At the very least, I could have asked him about his life, about the pain he was going through. But no, I was only concerned about myself.
And now, see, chaos has ensued, and my soul reproaches me, shaking me to my core."

Feeling the weight of my mistakes, I'm tempted to slam my head against the wall or jump out the window.

It's like I've orchestrated my own downfall, and mere apologies won't suffice.

Am I always like this, or is it just me?

I bury my face in the pillow, muttering, "What now? I have to do something to fix this mess.

If I caused it, then it's up to me to set it right. Damn it! I'm such an idiot! I've lost my mind.

Oh god how i will face him how stupid i am. I just want to fuck my self...

Okhaay Realx aaru nothing gone happy like this you have to do something i murmered in my breath.

*At dinnig table*

A .. where is Rudra i asked to james and carry .

Most probably i must the one who should know the ans but here i am asking other becoz i only know to trouble...damm.

"He said he will come late so we should proceeed carry rplied ..

"Oh ya ya he told me as well i just foget " i said pretending like i know evrthing..

"Its been 11 where he is??? I shoudl call him....

"Pick up fast ??? Where he is , ohh god is something happen to him no no.he must be busy  ,But where its 11 in night.

I called again him....this time finally hi picked.

"Where are you hann ? And why are not ans the call ??? I asked in rush..

"Why, are you missing me he replied with in his most favt.teasing tone..

"Is this the ans of my qst??? Hann i asked in anger ....

"No but why should i tell you ?? Where i am he again teased me .

"Becoz i am your wife and you are mine i said in flow not even realising what i just said..

"Hmmm now its a good reason so let me tell you i am just behind you he said.

I turned to check and here is he..

He waved his hand as like am far away

"For the next time you will not ans my call in just one ring trust me i will kill you i said firmly with a stern tone.

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