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Sone rang de ranjheya
Tere hi jaise lagte h saree
Dar lgta na ho jaye yari
Punch le tu chand se
Takti hu tare !!
Sone rang de ranjheya ve.

Aarushi 's pov

When I woke up, he was still asleep.
He was calling me a child have he ever seen himself how cute he is .
Then I focused on his lips and told myself not to start early in the morning.
I decided to take some time and left.


"Good morning"cutieee,As I entered the room, I said.

He, still rubbing his eyes, sat up on the bed and replied,Good morning." His sleepy voice made my tongue feel tied, and even my legs felt shaky.

How can someone look so hot early in the morning actually nothing can be more hot that boys sleepy voice, I thought to myself before continuing,Coffee?.

Some time i just feel nobody can be as pervert i am !!

He replied,"What's up? Love is raining early in the morning today.

I retorted, teasingly, "Well, you better get used to it now, hubby because a lot more is yet to come,and also i have to prove na my love to you .

"Carefull haan wifeee" he said as he got up from the bed, "i 'm only gentle outside the bed; in bed, I'm wild and intense.He chuckled, adding, A lion doesn't leave its prey until it's satisfied".

I replied teasingly, Well, I don't think it's like that, trying to play along even how can i agree without tasting you..

Just then his phone rang.
It was Shiv calling him.

Your assistant is not less than any demon to me, i said.

"Hey Shiv, what's up??? he answered.

Alright, keep all the meetings after lunch; I'll join you shortly," he said before ending the call.

Yesterday's kiss was something else, Paro was right, love doesn't increase by force, we ourselves want to grow in love, I said, trying to reassure myself.

I can't belive this i am in love how can i .
I thought to my self.

"Rudra , i have done that much why didn't you get angry atleast once ??
If you want you can punish me , I asked him as soon as he cut the call.

"Well well i will give a very good punishment but not now and also you trying wrong tectics to make me angry ,he said with smirk .

He lifted his shoulders and said, 'If you really wanted to make me angry, you could have either done something to my family or to yourself.

"I could never do anything to my family; i am not that bad. But what do I do with myself?

I asked while narrowing my eyes.

"Mere siwa tumhe koi aur chuu bhi leta na rooh jal hati meri "".

(If someone else even touches you, it feels like my soul is burning. Anger is a small thing).

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