³⁸Bitter Truth

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3rd Person POV

Hee ae watched her daughter, Dohee smiling at her husband.

The man is good looking but---- his heart is not good at all and that is the main reason,she doesn't like him.

The news she watched days ago,about the man being arrested for setting a bomb was haunting her.

Kim Taehyung wasn't a perfect man for Dohee.

Regardless whatever.

"Hannie wants to meet you." Hee ae says to Dohee,ruining the couple's moment.

"Okay. I'll just be back Tae." Dohee says.

"I'll be waiting here."

"Let's just go inside and see her together." Dohee changes her decision, intertwining hands with her husband.

Taehyung looks at her mother-in-law then back at Dohee. They share cold vibes and he seriously doesn't want to fight with her.

"Don't worry. I'll be waiting here." The man says,Dohee frowns a little but understands.

"Don't go,okay?"

"I won't." Taehyung reassured his wife who then smiles and goes inside Haneul's room.

"I want to talk to you." Hee ae said.

Taehyung just sighed.

"About what?" He asked.

"Haneul's missing." Hee ae replied looking at the younger.

"You can." The younger said.

Too non-chalantness in him that he didn't even care if she was going to say about her doubting him.

"I've my own doubts but---- I won't say that now. You've saved my daughter today and I'll forever be grateful for that. Thank you very much." Hee ae said, gratefully with a soft smile.

"Y-You're welcome." Taehyung said, remembering what Dohee taught him on the call.

He suddenly got unknown emotions,that his eyes turned warm and he don't know how it happened in just seconds maybe cuz Dohee's mother had tears too.

But why were the tears affecting him that much.

"I'm going inside." The mother said then got inside the room.

Taehyung just stood there watching the scene inside,the family laughing,talking and hugging.

All he could see was love between them.


Little Taehyung reluctantly opened his eyes,that were too heavy to open.

He finally opened them and looking around,he was still in a room,all alone.

He tried to sit down but he ended up hissing out of pain.

Feeling pain underneath his abdomen.

He pulled up the hospital shirt he was putting to see what was causing him pain and he ended up screaming out loud.

Calling out his mother loudly.

"What's wrong,Dear?" A Nurse asked.

"E-Eomma. I w-want my Eomma. I'm sick-- I've a-- a scary wound on m-my tummy-- I-- it's hurting-- my t-tummy is hurting." Taehyung started crying out loud.

"Little boy,you---'

"I WANT MY EOMMA! He screamed out loud.

Even though his mother shouted to him earlier but still,he was his mother.

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