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O mahi o mahi
Lo mai kyamat tak
Hua teraa


Agar yu sabit krogi
Isq apna
Main kabhi
Manunga hi nhi !!

Aarushi's pov.

"If you try to prove your love in this way, I'll never agree," Rudra messaged me.

"It's okay, we'll figure something out," I replied.

Finally, I'm meeting Mishrain after such a long time.
She was right; later on, the in-laws' home becomes our own home.

But I believe that person become our home.

"Hi mishrain i shout out loud "as soon as i saw her.

"Hii Beta how are you" she asked while hugging me.

"I am fine maa", i replied .

"And Rudra??? Whu didn't he came?? Maa asked me .

"He is busy in his office work maa, and you only care for other even here i am" i said making a pout .

"Have you done or not Darmebaaj " she said while hiting at my forehead.

*Then i met evryone and we clebrated the birthday *!!

After dinner i was in my room, and just thinking about only one thing is my man".

I should call him and i just dialed his no.

"Hii , Where are you , why didn't youcall me " i asked .

" I'm still at the office, Bachaa, working," he replied.

Are you crazy?
Go home, who works until this late?

Go home quickly," I said sternly, with a hint of anger.

"Now that you've left, how will I sleep alone?
I'm scared of ghosts too," he said.

"You're too much, don't try my tricks onto me. Go home now. I said it, " firmly in anger.

"Fine, I'm going. Take care of yourself," he said.

**Next day ***

The next morning, I bid farewell to everyone...

"Jaldiii aana Aaru , misharain said.

(Come soon Aaru)

"Mishrain yarr sentimantal mat kro mai ja nhi paungi yahi rah paungi".

(Do not make me emtional , otherwise how will go hann???)

Mishrain started crying and i hug her to console even i am emtional too...

"You want me to get married and now you don't want leave me hann??? I am happy there maa thankyou to choose Rudra for me , don't worry he was there for me hmmm.." i said .

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