³⁹An Illusion

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3rd Person POV

"You had a meal today?" Dohee asked Taehyung.

They were walking down the street filled with snow,walking arm in arm, Dohee being more clingy to the man's arm.

"No." Taehyung replied bluntly.

"Why?" Dohee stopped walking,looking at her husband.

"I was too busy. I didn't get time. Let's just go home and sleep." Taehyung said,starting to walk again.

"You were drinking with an empty stomach. That's bad for health." Dohee reasoned.

"You're acting like doctor. Honestly." Taehyung said.

"If you're not taking care of your health then I've to act like a doctor." Dohee replied.

"But I said I'm fine."

"I said,it's unhealthy and you'll have listen to me. You've to be health for me,Kim Taehyung." Dohee said,with a smile.

Taehyung just sighed. Dohee was too stubborn to fight with.

"You'll be healthy for me too."

"I'll be. I won't let a single fever catch me."

"That's impossible."

"It can be possible."

"Such a lier." Taehyung laughed,white smoke coming out from his mouth.

The moment stayed still,Dohee staring at the Mafia who was laughing. The sound of his laugh,was magical,it was so beautiful to hear and the more thrilling thing about his laugh was---

The man had a boxy laugh.

It was endearing.

"Why are you staring at me like that?" Taehyung asked,after noticing that Dohee had been staring at him,for a while.

"You look more handsome when you laugh." Dohee confessed with a soft smile.

"Meaning I wasn't handsome?" The man raised his eyebrows,quite offended.

"You look more. Understand sentences,Tae. You're handsome but you're more handsome when you laugh. You should laugh more." Dohee added.

"I'm not a crazy person to just be laughing."

"I'll be telling you funny stories then."

"For what?"

"To hear you laugh and see the boxy formation of your lips when you're laughing. It's so pretty." Dohee smiled.

"I'm not pretty." His voice changed and Dohee just bit her lip.

Not knowing what suddenly changed the man's tone.

"Let's go and have meal inside the hotel. I don't see any restaurant around." Dohee said,walking ahead Taehyung.

Taehyung just sighed out loud and followed his wife.

"Wait a minute." Taehyung said.


"Let's just sleep here." Taehyung said,looking around gjd hotel.

"Here. Why? Did Eomma talked to you rudely earlier?" Dohee asked concerningly.

"No. I just want to stay here alone with you." Taehyung replied but the fact wasn't that.

The man didn't want to see the family together for the mean time, because seeing them,had started to cause some longing inside him.

And the Mafia didn't want to have any such feelings.

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