Jasmine- Butterfly

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Heyy all my hottipie's 💗💗💗 new part here, targets toh pure nhi hue but koi naa ek suprise gift ki tarah...


Neel, Harshil and Karan went to Ishani who was in kitchen.

Neel asked “ Bhabhiji, what are you doing?”

Ishani replied “ Devarji, I wanted juice . What about you?”

 Karan said “ Bhabhiji – Devarji ? You both comes under same zone i think so!”

Harshil said “ Neel always tries to tease everyone,not knowing his bhabhiji is more fun than him.”

Ishani turned around and look at them . Karan said “ Hi bhabhi.” 

Ishani replied “ All my three devars here together. Whats the purpose?”

 Harshil thought “ Main Purpose is to make you and Aadvik closer.”

Karan replied “ We all planned a trip. So you also have to come with us.”

Ishani said while pouring the juice in the glass “ All? Name them.”

Neel replied “ Harshil, karan, anika and you. Only your husband wont come.”

Ishani asked “ Why?” while giving them the glass of juice.

Neel asked in tease “ You should have ask him. No but you were so busy with him yesterday night! “

Karan said “He is always too busy in work.” Harshil said “ Bhabhi, You will come with us, right?”

Ishani asked “ Where?”

 Karan replied “ That’s a secret. Its my penthouse. I wont say the exact location but we will enjoy a lot.”

Ishani said “ But..’’ Harshil replied “ You can take your brother-sister too.”

Ishani replied “ I don’t have any brother or sister.” neel asked “ Cousin ? “

Ishani replied “ There is one. But he it too small to go for a trip for now.”

Karan asked “ Friend?” Ishani replied “ I am not sure about her. She will agree or not.”

Karan said “ Bhabhi, you have to come with us. Neel and Anika is also there. Trust me we all will have fun” 

Ishani didnt replied for a second and then replied “ Ok I will come. I will ask my frined if she will come or not.”

Karan replied “ Great. We are leaving today evening.”

Harshil said “ we will talk on call for other things.”

Ishani asked “ what about Mr. Mehta? He is really not going to come?” 

Neel asked “ Bhabhiji, so curious about him? You should ask him by yourself!”

Ishani said “ I am not aksing him.” Karan asked “ Are you both in silent mode?” 

Neel replied smiling “  I dont think, after what I have seen yesterday night.” 

Karan asked “ what?” 

Neel was about to speak and  Ishani took a cucumber and puts in his mouth.

Ishani said “ Let me know the exact timing.” 

Harsh said “ Bhabhi let me scan your whatsapp number. I will send to karan too.”

Karan and Harshil left.

Ishani keeps her hand on her waist and says “ Will you stop your overacting, Neel.”

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