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Aarushi's pov

I came out of the cabin and my smile just wouldn't leave my lips, I can't believe what just happened, it feels like a dream.

In the evening, I messaged Rudra, "Finish the work quickly, we have a date to go on today.

"When was this decided?He asked..

"That's when Chotu ji, when you are busy with your wife, was playing some seductive games.....chotu jii
I rolled my eyes and said.

Again !??? Chotu???He replied.

"Well, this name will stick to you now," I said.

After coming home from the office, we both quickly got ready for our date.

'Wow, Chotu ji, you're looking quite handsome today," I said.

"Well, you know, I've taken my tonic from my wife today," he said, teasingly.

"Absolutely no need to be shy,na ?? I said.

"Why should there be any shame in that? And also soon i have to see you what is big and smaller in me he said teasingly.

"Shameless!" I exclaimed.

"Well, I've just followed your lead, which was quite bold," he said, teasingly.

"Oh, please! What happened earlier today wasn't anything bold, just playful," I said.

"Now, let's focus on our date instead of all this chatter. Did you forget?" I asked

We both reached the café. I held Rudra's hand and we went to our table together.

"Nice, beautiful arrangement," he said to me.

"Thank you, dear husband," I replied.

After deciding what to eat, I couldn't help but focus entirely on my food.
Yes, it's a date, but when it comes to food, there's no compromise.

After dinner, we headed home.
I was quite tired, feeling the urge to doze off at any moment.

"Come here, sit in my lap, I'll put my blazer under your head," he said.

He placed the blazer in his lap like a pillow, and I comfortably fell asleep.


While driving, my attention shifted to a bicycle passing by, which was moving quite fast.
I was driving at a speed of 20 km/h because she was asleep, and I didn't want her to wake up or feel uncomfortable

Its half an hour's journey,i completed it in two hour .
I had never felt so calm.
But now, if I take her inside the house, she might wake up.

"Masoom Bachaa mera"(Sweet child)
you look so beautiful when you sleep that I never want you to wake up, I said to her.

Thank you so much for coming into my life and making it more beautiful," I added, giving her a loving kiss on her forehead.

only woman who can annoy me, laugh with me, and make me cry is you. And I know you love me, and if you're proving it with so much love, then I'll just take you in my arms a little more. I thought to myself quietly.

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