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It was funny, because she had resided in the rainy town of Forks since she was just a newborn. Though the July sun didn't pop out on the day of her birth, that didn't stop the girl from entering the world with a cacophony of giggles.

Katherine Burbank was a single mother, and had freshly turned twenty two by the time Billie was born. She was also readily studying for the LSAT exam when she all but bundled up her baby and whisked her away to the seclusion of dreary old Washington. Somewhere where they could have peace and quiet, just the two of them.

Billie was a natural extrovert, so much so that the idea of doing independent work in class gave her the chills. She loved collaboration, and group presentations were a strong suit of hers— but that being said, she was Captain of the high school's debate team, and could definitely hold her own ground when she needed to.

Her closest friends were two of her fellow extroverts; Jessica Stanley, the busybody who had lived down the street from the Burbanks for the past decade, and Mike Newton, the athletic boy who sat next to her in homeroom during their freshman year. They had their other friends, too, but the two blonds and the brunette had been a tight knit trio ever since Billie introduced them to one another.

And sure, had Jessica developed a larger than life crush on Mike this past year? Oh, absolutely. All Billie could do was sit and watch as her friends subtle flirtations bounced off of the boy who was none the wiser to the advances he was getting. It'd made movie night at the Newtons a little awkward at times, but Jess was great at bouncing back.

Which is why the Stanley girl had all but cornered Billie on her way to the lunchroom, babbling on about some new girl who transferred in the middle of the year. Based on the gym class she had just come from, Jessica recounted how Mike was practically drooling at the sight of the new girl.

The jealousy in her friend's demeanour was astounding, so she merely nudged her shoulder with her own. "How many times have I told you, Jess; if he wanted to..."

"He would," her friend finished with a sigh. "I know, I know! I can't help it— if you had a crush, you'd feel the same!"

A bubble of laughter came from the blonde who was still holding onto her textbook in one hand and a brown lunch bag in the other. "I think I'm gonna be single until I die," she told her, and though the fact was self-deprecating, she paired it with a joking smile to show she really wasn't bothered by the fact.

"Yeah, by choice," Jessica emphasized with a groan, the two of them stopping at the brunette's locker in order to grab some lunch money. "You have guys fawning over you, like, 24/7. You just gotta woman up and pick one, B."

"I think I'm waiting for the one," she said with a shrug, laughing when she heard her friend groan. "You know I'm a hopeless romantic... sue me."

Their conversation was intercepted by Mike, and the infamous new girl by the looks of it who was meekly standing behind him. "Are we talking about Billie's lack of love life again?" he questioned, a teasing smile on his pale face.

That earned him a playful shove from Billie, the girl sticking out her tongue as he dropped his heavy arm around her shoulder. Her gaze flickered to the new face among them, her own eyes darting literally anywhere else.

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