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Really, all she was doing was entertaining them with her mindless chatter, as well as keeping the pair away from taking any safety shortcuts that they couldn't afford to take. And, on occasion, she was on lunch duty, taking their sandwich orders the night before so she could have them ready for the following day.

In the weeks that passed, the Burbank girl discovered that Bella was a classic PB&J lover and Jacob loved a deli sandwich like no other. She usually brought him two, since he was a growing boy and all, and on the times where they had unexpected visitors, she'd usually cough up her own sandwich to offer it up.

That afternoon, Billie swinging her legs as she sat on a nearby workbench, they hadn't just had one unexpected visitor— but two. It was obvious Bella wasn't anticipating for anyone else to be joining them, but Jacob assured her that it was just his friends stopping by.

Two boys, one a bit shorter with curly hair and the other taller, lanky almost, walked through the doors of the garage. Jacob stood to greet them. "Hey, guys," he said, before he gestured his hands to the girl on the floor next to him and the girl by the workbench. "This is Bella and that's Billie; B-squared, meet Quil and Embry."

Whereas Bella scrunched her nose at the name bestowed upon the pair, Billie practically melted. "Awh, we're B-squared, Bells!" she cheered, only to earn a playful eye roll from her friend.

"I'm Quil Ateara," the shorter boy with curly hair said, albeit rather seriously as his gaze focused on Bella. To anyone with eyes, the boy was definitely trying to sound cool in front of the girl, and Billie had to hide her smile behind her hand. "So, the bike-building story is true."

"Oh, yeah— yeah I taught him everything he knows," Bella replied

"What about the part where you're his girlfriend?" Quil asked next, and though Billie really tried, she couldn't stop the sharp bark of laughter from escaping her.

Slapping her hand across her mouth, shoulders wracking with laughter. "I'm sorry— oh my god, the way you said that just—" she cut herself off with another laugh, catching the other boy's eyes and noticed he was laughing along too.

"Actually, remember I said she was a girl, and a friend," Jacob clarified, trying to dig himself out of this situation. Billie couldn't help but think his crush on Bella was cute, endearing.

Quil turned to the boy next to him. "Embry, do you remember him making that distinction?"

"Nope," was Embry's immediate response, a playful smile on his face as the two boys laughed about it.

Bella, in all her saving grace, came to Jacob's aid with a witty, "oh, so you guys have girlfriends? That's awesome."

When the boys had no quick comeback, Jacob started up his own laughter. "Yeah right; Quil's taking his cousin to prom."

Now that was obviously a sore spot for the Ateara boy, who instantly rolled his eyes. "Yeah, that's still a riot," he said in a deadpan tone. "You want funny, Black? I'll give you funny."

Quil charged at Jacob, and the boys began clamouring around the garage as the other three watched on as mere spectators. A presence snuck up beside Billie, their body leaning against the workbench she was still seated on. "I've got five bucks on Quil," Embry whispered to her, and it made her lock eyes with the boy.

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