⁴⁰Paying Back

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Three days passed.

Three days since the incident at the columbarium. Taehyung shocking everyone with his sudden change,leaving the place while angry.

Dohee tried to call the man but never replied,let alone by her sad messages that only showed worry and how much she missed her.

There was no any reply from him.

Later that night,she got a message from the man saying,he was busy with work and he was going to call her later.

Dohee tried to call him but no reply.

She really missed the man and everyday was getting hard without him,staying three days without him,just made her realise that,life was hard without him.

She was just used to his presence.

"Go to him, Dohee." Hee ae said to her daughter,who seemed lost,while baking the cake.

The cake was for Su-hyeok whose birthday was tomorrow. Every year the family cut a cake,in memorial of the boy that died.

"H-Him? Who him?" Dohee asked,her eyes popped out.

"The one you're thinking about. Taehyung. Hee ae replied firmly. Dohee you've been lost all these days and I know it's because of him. You should go to him." Hee ae added while concerned.

"I feel like he still needs lonely time." Dohee said with a sad smile.

"Loneliness can eat a person up,Dohee. I know how it is to be alone. The loneliness gives you the edge to be with someone but you ignore that feeling and decide to be alone all the time. I don't know what happened to your husband that day. All I know is,he needs you but can't say it." Hee ae explained to her daughter.

"You think so?"


"But if I go then Oppa's birth---'

"I overheard you telling Hannie that tomorrow is Taehyung's birthday. Why don't you go and celebrate his birthday with him,make him happy on his special day. I believe your brother will be proud if you do that." Hee ae smiled.

Dohee suddenly gave her mother a bone crashing hug,tears rolling down her eyes. Actually happy tears because her mother considered about Taehyung's feelings.

It was a happy thing for her.

"Why are you crying?" Hee ae asked after pulling out from the hug, wiping her daughter's tears.

"N-Nothing. There was nothing like hate in your voice when talking about Taehyung. I felt good." Dohee smiled.

"You love him,Dohee. I've to support your liking and I want to stop all this hating with everyone. It won't take me anywhere." Hee ae said to her daughter.

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