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Aarushi"s pov

Chaliey ???He said.

"Before we go inside, listen to me carefully. I am always with you, and I am your "Ardhangini" halfpart. Your joys and sorrows are mine, and I promise to stand by you through every pain. We have pledged to share every happiness and sorrow together. I am not alone because half of me belongs to you. I will need your support inside." With tears in my eyes, I nodded. He kissed my forehead and said, "I trust you more than I trust myself. Never doubt yourself or me." I nodded again, feeling reassured, and we walked inside hand in hand.

Dadi Maa and everyone else were eagerly waiting at the gate. The anticipation had made us restless for so long. Badi Maa was nowhere to be seen, and I didn't dare to ask. As soon as we reached the gate, Mother performed our aarti, her eyes filled with tears, and her hands trembling. May be, 'Today, I have given them the happiness they've been waiting for, and Rudra seemed like he had met his mother after years. It was like a child reuniting with his mother, and the mother finally seeing her lost child. The sight of her baby and her mother together made me emotional as well.

"The moisture in mother's eyes couldn't hide the fact how happy she was, and sad too, that this compulsion had separated them all."

"Mother filled the rice bowl and asked me to enter first. I held Rudra's hand, and together we entered the house. We stepped on the rangoli, leaving footprints as we walked towards the temple. I took the blessings of the deities in the temple."

Then  mom rushed to us ang hugged Rudra

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Then mom rushed to us ang hugged Rudra ... , and everyone's eyes were filled with tears. Mother couldn't stop crying; she hugged Rudra tightly and cried inconsolably. They didn't say anythung for a while ....he was gently caressining mom's back..
*Dad was also emotional, but he didn't show it. He wiped his tears discreetly.

"You won't leave me, will you, ?' mom said amidst sobs.
"'No, never,' Rudra replied with a broken voice.
*His brkoen voice make my heart broke *
Then Rudra met grandma and finally, in the end, father. They both just stared at each other; mother and father didn't say anything. Then father hugged Rudra, as if pouring all his sorrow onto his shoulders.

"Come on, everyone, stop crying. Bhai has arrived, and it's a joyful atmosphere now. Let's go, Bhabhi, it's time for the rituals," Simmi said, diverting everyone's attention towards her. She took us to a large basin filled with colorful water. Chachi ji put a ring in it and said, "Now whoever finds the ring will have a lifetime of happiness, and nanu, don't lose, it's a question of my honour" chachi ji said, and everyone laughed.

I and Rudra started searching, and Rudra found the ring, and my face fell. I wanted him ,to get it , just preteding to be sad.

"Oh Aarushi Beta , don't be upset. Let's do it one more time,' Dadi said.

'Dadi this is cheating. Aarushi just arrived, and you're taking her side,' Rudra complained like a child, and everyone burst into laughter.

"It's okay, Grandma, whether it's Rudra or me, it's all the same,whoever win" I said, looking at Rudra.

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