Making Bank | Colby Brock

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Warnings: strong language, onlyfans star!reader, friends to lovers

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Warnings: strong language, onlyfans star!reader, friends to lovers

New series called Snippets. I will write a little for each request and then keep them all together so I can come back later and use them to write a full one shot. Hope that makes sense! Thank you!


Colby sounded different on the phone, he didn't tell you anything was wrong, but you could tell there was something bothering him.

You liked Colby.

A lot.

The one thing that's been holding you back from telling him about said feelings, is mainly your onlyfans page. You were sure whether or not Colby would be okay with that, and to be honest, you pay your bills with that money.

You wanted Colby, yes. But you weren't sure if he wanted someone that has shown their tits for money.

After an hour and a half of taking pictures in different colored lingerie for your page, you wrapped it up at the perfect time because you hear the front door open and close with a powerful shove.

You shove your tripod in your closet and the lingerie at the bottom of your bottom dresser drawer and turn around just as there's a knock on your door.

"Come in."

The door opens and Colby walks in, "Hey."

You give him a smile, "What's up, Colbs?" Your smile fades when he doesn't look at you for a few seconds, "Colby?"

His words shocked you, "Do you do porn?"

You blink a few times, "um. I mean yes and no."

"What do you mean yes and no?" He turns towards you, "Do you just go through guys? Like what? how does that work?"

You hold up your hand, "Whoa, back it the hell up. What is your deal?"

Colby sighs, "My deal, is that you do porn and you never told me?"

You laugh slightly, mainly trying to cover up your nervousness, "Colby it's not straight porn. Okay? I do OnlyFans. I don't do anything nude. Well.."

He looks at you, "What do you do?"

You grab your laptop and bring it towards you. You get in, clicking around until you pull up your page, "Here. Look. The only really bad thing is that I show my boobs. I don't think there's anything wrong with it."

He walks over, sitting down beside you as he takes your laptop. You can tell there's a positive change to his demeanor and you bite your lip, "So.. who told?"

Colby laughs, "well.. actually." He looks over at you, "one of Sam's buddies sent him a screen shot and asked if it was you."

He looks back at the computer screen and scrolls down, "It was this picture actually." He point to the screen and you purse your lips, "That was a money post."

"What's that mean?" Colby looks at you and you can't help but giggle, "It means.. you have to pay to see the photo.. and who ever sent that to Sam.. paid to see it."

"So, they're subscribed to you?" Colby asks and you nod, "or someone else he knows is?" You shrug, "I'm not sure, Colby."

He just stares at you, "Huh." He jocks his jaw and nods, "Mm. Okay."

"So what? Are you like mad at me? Not friends anymore?" You purse your lips, "Like does this make you look at me different?"

Colby shakes his head, "Not really. Well.. I mean, okay. Yeah I see you differently now, but like.." he scratches his brow, "Why didn't you just tell me?"

"I didn't want to tell you because I wasn't sure how you'd feel about it and I didn't want to risk ruining our friendship."

Colby chuckles, "Ruined?" He shake his head, "No. not at all. As I said. Different.. a hundred percent."

"Different?" You ask as you tilt your head and he nods, "Oh yeah. You're so much hotter than I originally thought."

You can feel your cheeks growing warm and Colby's next question didn't help any matters, "So how do you feel about potentially doing porn?"

Fuck, you think, "Um. I mean.." you laugh slightly and look down before looking at Colby, "Maybe if it was someone I was comfortable with?"

You nod, Colby heavy on your mind, "Yeah. I think I could do it."

A smirk grows on his lips as he slowly leans in, giving a nod to the right with his head, "Go get those pretty little outfits, because we're about to be making you bank, baby."


Let me know how you like these snippets so far and as always, ilysm thank you for reading 🖤

Any interaction is greatly appreciated!

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