Rescue Me | Sam Golbach

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Summary: anon request - "y/n gets stood up on a date and sam or colby meets her at a bar she goes to and cheers ber up"

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Summary: anon request - "y/n gets stood up on a date and sam or colby meets her at a bar she goes to and cheers ber up"

Warnings: swearing, mention of alcohol consumption, friends to lovers



You sat at the table set for two, alone.

Two hours in, you let out a sigh, realizing that you've been stood up.

Your phone vibrates on the table and you hoped that it was a test from Nate, but it wasn't. It was just Sam, So how's the date going?

You leg put a laugh, looking up as the waiter comes by, "Would you like another glass, Miss?" You shake your head, "No, I'll just take my bill for the ones I already had. "

He nods and you look back down at your phone, Oh yeah. So much fun. It's been just me the last two hours?

Sam instantly starts replying and not long after his message pops up, Are you fucking serious? What a dick. I'm sorry, y/n. Is there anything I can do to help?

You bite down on your lip, Actually. Would you want to meet me at the bar down the street from your house?

The waiter brings your check and you pay before gathering your things and walk out to your car. You get in, starting it up and you look down to see if Sam answered.

He did, I'll be there in ten.

Once you arrive to the bar, you walk in and you smile as you see Sam sitting at the bar. You walk up to him and sigh, "Boy, am I glad to see you."

Sam look over at you, a smile growing wide on his face, "Hey, y/n."

You sit down and Sam pushes a drink over to you, "You sounded like you needed this." You smile and nod, taking the glass, "I did."

You take a sip and sigh, starting in on how done you are with dating apps and anything to do with dating in general.

Two hours, and few very strong drinks later, you find yourself walking back to Sam's house, "Thank you." You giggle as you walk beside him.

His hand stands steady on the small of your back as he smiles, "For what?"

You look over at him, "because you came, when i needed someone to rescue me." You smile and he shrugs, "You called."

Your eyes move from his eyes to his lips and you sigh, "Remember how I said I was done with dating?" Sam nods, "I sure do." He chuckles and tucks hair behind your ear, "Still got another shot left in ya?"

You smile and nod, "I'm thinkin' I do."


Thanks for reading! Ilysm, and as always, let me know how you liked it! 🖤

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