Catching the Flight | JJ Maybank

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Summary: anon request - "can you do something with jj Maybank" 

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Summary: anon request - "can you do something with jj Maybank" 

warnings: mild swearing, mentions of a previous fight, one sexual innuendo at the end


As soon as you got word that JJ was at the air strip, ready to leave with John B, you were out the door. You hit the ground running. Your shoes were thudding against the ground with each quick step.

You were - trying - not to waste anymore time.

The night before you told JJ to just go, you and him had a pretty nasty argument. You didn't want either of you to go on this quest with John B, but you knew JJ would go because this is important to all of them.

A car rolls up beside you and your friend, the one you took off from, yells as her window goes down, "Get the hell in."

You slow down, moving around to get into the passenger seat of the car. Tears blur your vision, "I knew I didn't stand a changed but a part of me thought he wouldn't actually go."

"Why don't you just go with them?"

You avoided answering the question, mainly because you didn't want to sound like a coward, "I'm going."

You clear your throat and look over at her as she looks at you, brows raised, "You are?"

You nod, "I love Jayj and if I have to prove that by doing god knows what.." you shrug, "I'll do it."

You point, "Fuck, there's the air strip."

Your heart was racing.

You weren't exactly sure if JJ would accept your apology or reject it and leave you here.

The last words you said to him were, "Then if I'm not important enough for you then just get the fuck out, JJ. I'm done."

Your words send a shiver of self disappointment down your spine, you felt awful about what you said to him. It was you and him versus the problem, but you made it you versus him.

"Is that the plane?" Your friend asks, ducking to see it better and you spot JJ, "Fuck, yes, yeah. This is it."

You lean forward, putting your hand on the door handle, "I'll see you when I see you." You laugh slightly and look at your friend, "Be safe."

You nod as you get out of the car, closing the door before you turn around to see all eyes on you.

"What are you doing here, y/n?" JJ asks you plainly from the top of the plane steps.

You open your mouth to say something but nothing comes out. You feel tears welling up in your eyes and you take a shaky breath.

Sarah walks up to you and lays a hand on your shoulder, "Hey. It's okay." She whispers as her thumb rubs over your shirt.

"I'm sorry, Jayj." You croak out, looking up at him. He keeps his stare on you, still pretty hurt by your fight, too, "For what?"

"Get down here and talk to her, you idiot. We don't have much time." John B motions and JJ sighs, standing up to walk down the steps.

Sarah walks away and JJ walks up to you. Both of you quiet for a few moment.

"I didn't want the last time we walked to be me saying that I was done." You look up at JJ with a sigh, "because let's face it."

His eyes lock onto yours and you keep eye contact, "I'm no where near done with you, Jayj."

He fights back a smirk, "Yeah? Well, I'm not done with you either." You pout slightly looking up at him, "I was afraid you were going to reject me."

He chuckles, shaking his head, "Nah baby. You're stuck with me." He smirks, "I would have found you one way or the other, you know?"

You smile and nod, "I'm sorry, J." He pulls you into his body and wraps his arms around you tightly, "I'm sorry, too, babe."

He presses his lips to your head and you look up at him, "There's still room on the plane for me, right?"

Your words cause JJ to lean out and look down at you, "You're comin'?" He raises his brows and you sigh, "a blonde haired boy once told me that I have to live life on the edge sometimes and that's exactly what I'm doing."

JJ smiles and turns around to face the group, arms raised in the air, "She's coming!"

They cheer and JJ turns to you, pressing his lips to yours. You smile within the kiss and he leans in to your ear, whispering lowly, "Now all I can think about is fucking you somewhere exotic."


thank you all for reading! Ilysm 🖤 as always, let me know what you thought! 

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