Little Pink Ribbon | Rafe Cameron

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Summary: not a request - "Pink ribbon trend with Rafe and he hates it but he'll do anything to see you smile"

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Summary: not a request - "Pink ribbon trend with Rafe and he hates it but he'll do anything to see you smile"

Warnings: mild swearing, slight sexual innuendos, flirting, cute fluff


You walked back to Rafe's office and peaked your head into the open door.

He looks up and his eyes meet yours, "oh hey pretty girl." He smiles and move your full body into the door frame.

You've been dating for almost a year, but you never fail to take his breath away in those short jean shorts and one of his t shirts that you tied in the front.

"Hi Rafe." You smile and he furrows his brows, "What are you up to? Hmm."

You walk over to him, leaning down on his desk, "Can you do somethin' for me?" He spins his chair towards you, arms rests on both arm rests, "What'd ya do now?"

You laughs, shaking your head, "I've been a good girl, I didn't do anything."

Calling yourself good girl makes him weak. He purses his lips, failing to hide his smirk, "Mm, you have?"

You nod, "Yes Rafe, now come with me." You hold your hand out and his eyes move from yours to your open hand before he sighs and leans forward, taking your hand in his.

He follows you to where ever you're taking him, "Where are we going?"

You look back at him, stopping at the bedroom you share most nights, "In here." He glances into the room and back to you, "ooh baby."

He steps forward and lays his hands on your waist, "Why didn't you just say so?" He bites down on his lip and his smile quickly fades when you say, "No..I didn't bring you here for that."

You look up at him and smirk, "But if what I want you to do for me, works..." his eyes meet yours and he rolls his eyes with a sigh, "What do I have to do?"

"Okay." You walk him over to the dresser that has your phone propped up on top of it, waiting for you to press record, "Now just hear me out please."

Rage knows that whenever you say that, you have some sort of slightly insane idea brewing in your head.

He nods and you walk over to the bed, grabbing a piece of long, pink ribbon, "Do you have a tank top under that?"

Rafe gives you a nod, "Uh huh."

"Take it off but leave the other shirt on." You stand there patiently has you watch him undo the buttons on his button up. He reaches up, pulling the shirt off of his shoulders before shrugs the fabric off.

You walk over and put the end piece on his chest, "Hold, please." You look up at him and he shakes his head as he replaces your finger on the ribbon, with his, "What the fuck is this ribbon billshit?"

You laugh as you you walk around him, making sure the ribbon is nice and flat against his body, "Just.. hold on. Please."

He nods and looks over at you as you walk around his other arm. You bit your lip as your eyes moved along the ribbon that's slightly pressing into the skin of his biceps.

Rafe watches you check him out as your fingers slowly work to tie a bow on his chest.

"Ya like what you see or something?" He asks startling you out of your stare and you look up at him, smirking as you sheug, "and what if I just so happened to?"

All he does is smirk down at you, "You and I both know what happens when you start staring at me like that."

You smirk, tilting your head as you make sure the bow on his chest is perfect, "Okay, now I'm going to play a sound and at a certain time I want you to kinda flex your biceps." You demonstrate, "Kind of push your arms out a little to make the ribbon snap?"

Rafe looks down as he moves his arms slightly and you just stand there's admiring just how pretty he is.

He's always wondering how or why he ends up in certain situations, but the answer is always because of you and he would do anything for you. Especially anything that involves seeing you smile, he loved you smile.

You bite your lip, "Uh huh. Just like that." You nod and Rafe looks at you. You smile and he instantly smiles back, "You know.. you're really into some interesting shit, baby."

You laugh, "I never hear you complaining, though." You smirk as you walk over to your phone.

Rafe shrugs, "I mean, I'd do anything for you. As long as it makes you happy, like stand here with fuckin' pink ribbon tied around my arms, just so I can see you smile."

You smile at him and his softer side peaking out, eyes moving over the ribbon. You tilt your head, a smile growing on your face, "You look insanely fucking hot like this, babe."

You can tell that that he loves when you complimented him, loves it more when it was during sex.

"Okay." You shake your head, getting back on track, "Move over here." Your fingers pushed into his skin gently and it left him wanting more.

Rafe groans, "You're so lucky I love you because this is fucking ridiculous."

"If this goes how I imagine, we'll be in that bed within a few minutes." You smirk and hit the timer button, moving out of the way so Rafe can do it.

You watch as his eyes stay on you the whole time, watching your reaction from him just smiling and shaking his head at you, to when the ribbon snapped with very little movement from him.

There was just something about it that was so irresistibly sexy.

"Happy now." He asks in an annoyed tone, but you knew just how to fix it, "I'd be even more happy if you fucked me now."

Within second, Rafe had you pinned to the mattress of the bed, "Let's fix that."


Hope you liked, sorry it was a bit longer than my other ones. Thanks for reading! Ilysm! 🖤

As always, let me know how you liked it!

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