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Aarushi"s pov🤍

"Yesterday passed by somehow, but since this morning, my mind has been feeling disturbed, as if there's a message of an impending storm.

I was busy with maa ,preparing breakfast in the kitchen when a voice from the hall grabbed our attention, prompting us to move towards it."

"How dare you enter my house? BadiMaa slapped Rudra hard. As soon as I saw it, my blood boiled, and I stood in front of Rudra.

"Just like you found the courage to stay in this house, this is also my house, Badima, don't forget..
My words were firm, and along with that, there was a glimpse of my trust.

"And who are you to talk to me like this?" Badima's voice became louder.

"The one who is the daughter-in-law of this house, there was a hint of courage in my words.

"This is my house, and only those live here who are brought by him. There's no permission for a murderer to stay in my house. Badimaa's words pierce hearts.

"Enough, Badima. Now you'll listen, and I'll speak." I showed my palm to her, and signaling James to bring the file.

"Here, please read this carefully. This is the affidavit with Rudra's name written on it, and the one you're maintaining a relationship with is under Rudra's name. Secondly, until it's not proven in court, you have no right to call my husband a murderer. Understand, please." My coldness and stern voice is echoing in the hall..

"This is how you show respect while speaking to elders. This is what your mother taught you." Badima's words fueled the fire.

"No... no, this is even worse. Learn from this not to show up around me again." With that, I turned to take Rudra to the room.


"What was the need for you to go and try to act noble in front of them, huh?" I started gently stroking his cheeks with an ice cube wrapped in cloth.

"I thought Badiima might agree, but..."

"Decide on whome team you are " i exclaimed.

"I alwasy be by your side ,"or under you or may be on top of you ", he smirked..

"Besharam". I slap gently on his cheeks..

"But ,Badi maa..." He get upset.

But ...what..nothing. I sat on the ground and took his hands in mine. "The matter has progressed far. Until the truth is revealed to everyone, no one will believe you." He just bowed his head heavily.

"What will you take to smile now? Come on, just smile," I said, a smile of relief on my lips.

"Only a hug ,"He rested his forehead against mine.

"Alright, I give in," I remembered, "No, no, you'll win the bet again. This time I won't be foolish."

"But now I need a hug," he said. "Even if you lose, I'll still win, right? And honestly, I'll give you lots of joy. Now, don't refuse," he pleaded, making puppy eyes.


No, I started to free myself from his grasp. I won't be caught so easily.

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