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*Warning ~ this chapter contains mature content🔞


Aarushi's pov

"You have work to do, right? Then go do it," I said, trying to get up from his lap.

"Where are you going? You're not going anywhere," he pulled me back into his lap and started kissing my neck after moving my hair aside.

"We're not at home, it's the office," I scolded him.

"There's a restroom here, let's go there," he suggested.

"Are you crazy? This is my first time. I will feel uncomfortable like this. At least wait until tonight," I pleaded.

"How much longer should I wait? We got married three months ago, and I've been waiting ever since," he pouted.

"This man and his tantrums, what can I say?" I sighed.

"It's already evening, and it's been four hours since we started talking. We'll be together later," I gently stroked his hands that were still gripping my waist.

"Alright then, let's sit here for another two hours, and then we'll go home and start having dinner."

"If I sat for two hours, my legs starting to ache. "I'm getting uncomfortable," I muttered.

"We'll sit on couch and wait, there's no issue. But now that you're clinging to me, I'm not going anywhere," he said stubbornly.

His childish behavior will melt my resolve.

"Just two more hours, baby. Mom and everyone must be waiting for me."

"No, no, no you have Time for everyone else, but just excuses for me. You're not going anywhere " he retorted.

I sighed.

"Please, I'll make everything ready quickly before you arrive. Please let me go," I made one last attempt.

"Fine, but I'm letting you go this time only. Not next time," he released me from his arms..


"I came home and decorated the room first. Finally, today will be our special day."

We sat at the dining table, and Rudra started serving food with such speed as if the train was about to depart

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We sat at the dining table, and Rudra started serving food with such speed as if the train was about to depart. Poor guy, you've made him wait so much, Aru.

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