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Hope you're good and I'm good too,just being a sleepyhead the whole day Lol....

So I know many of you got saddened after seeing the end of the book which most of you didn't expect,sorry for that.

But just like I said,I couldn't drag the story line. It would have been boring according to me,sorry again.

Epilogue will be out after Eid. I'll for sure update.

And I had an important question to ask.

Do you still want me to write a Mafia book.

If so then tell me in comments and I'll start working on it.

I was actually planning to write a book where Taehyung is an obsessed idol but if you want a Mafia one then I can make some changes and make him a Mafia idol.

I actually have the titles.

*The Idol's Obsession.*


*Trapped In The Gaze Of The Mafia Idol.*

Tell me your thoughts on it,okay.

I'll see you later on Eid for the update. I'm actually lazy to write anything for now.

Don't forget to answer my question.

And honestly speaking,I didn't know y'all will be so shocked. I thought y'all saw it coming but anyways-- it happens.

I'll be waiting for your answers.

Borahae 🦋

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