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3 months later.

"Don't you think,they're taking too long? I will go pick them u--'

"Hyung,stay still. It's your wedding. You don't have move around." Yeonjun hold his impatient brother's arm.

Despite the assurance he got on a call, that Dohee was about to arrive soon,it wasn't enough for the groom. He wanted to see his princess,the very moment.

Say whatever,but Taehyung wanted to be with Dohee everytime,a strange addiction that started when he first kissed her and now he was addicted to the whole Dohee.

He just wanted her to come,do the wedding ceremony and go far away with her.

Honestly, Taehyung wasn't that excited like every groom on their wedding,he was just doing this for the sake of his Princess,as he was still adjusting in her world.

Day by day,it was getting hard but Dohee was trying her best,to make the man change some acts.

The man stopped smoking permanently,an achievement after,an attack that literally shocked the whole family and since then Taehyung stopped smoking and also because,Dohee gave him a condition of kissing her alluring lips when he would stop smoking.

The kiss addiction won against the smoking addiction cuz her lips were unmatchable from every taste.

Now,standing on the altar,what he was waiting for the most was the wedding kiss.

Taehyung believed that him and Dohee got married through signing the papers,some days after their encounter.

This was their second wedding.

He felt a nudge on his shoulder and that's when,he knew that his bride arrived.

He averted his gaze to the door and his eyes met with the most beautiful bride, his princess looking gorgeous in her wedding gown.

He averted his gaze to the door and his eyes met with the most beautiful bride, his princess looking gorgeous in her wedding gown

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Dohee was the beautiful thing that ever happened in his life.

He for sure loved Aerum but with Dohee---

With Dohee it was more than love,filled with possession, addiction and obsession.

His bride walked down the aisle coming towards and he could feel his tummy dancing with butterflies.

Love,love and love.

"You're beautiful,Princess." Taehyung said,as soon as Dohee stepped on the altar.

Dohee's cheeks tinted red, blushing by the compliment, Taehyung just smiled.

The couple exchanged vows and rings and the time, Taehyung was waiting for arrived. The time to kiss his bride.

He got closer to his bride,and connected their lips together,into a sensual deep passionate kiss,the CEO was usually rough when it came to kissing but that time,he knew the kiss, meant concealing their marriage and love.

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