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Summary: reader has been having a hard time, and with staying with the triplets, it's only a matter of time beside they start asking questions

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Summary: reader has been having a hard time, and with staying with the triplets, it's only a matter of time beside they start asking questions.

Warnings: kind of a sad background for reader, mentions of parent reader fight (dad), Chris has a crush on reader, friends to lovers (eventually), fluff

Part One


It's been a week since you called Chris in the middle of the night. He's had a crush on you forever, so of course he answered your call at two a.m.

He snapped awake and answered, voice still groggy, "Y/n. It's two a.m. wha-" he stops when he hears you crying, "Whoa. Hey. What's happening right now?"

You gasp out, "m-my fuck-ing.. dad." You say between cries, "kicked.. m-me out."

"Where are you?" Chris asks sitting up, "I'll go get Matt up." He stands up, throwing on a pair of shorts as he listens to you trying to calm down so you can tell him where you are.

He rushes do Matt's room yelling so loud that he woke up Nick, too, "Matt! Matt! C'mon. Wake up." Matt groans and rolls over, "What the fuck, Chris!?"

"We have to go pick up y/n. Her dad kicked her out!"

And with that, Matt and Nick were both dressed and out to the car with Chris still on the phone with you. When they pulled up, you got in and they were all in their usual seats.

Immediately after shutting the door, you fall into nicks opens arms, sobbing against his chest, "Hey." Nick says softly, "You're safe, sweetheart. It's okay."

As much as Chris appreciates Nick comforting you, he can't help but chew on his bottom lip as he throws his hood up, staring out the window as Matt drives you back to their house.

That was the last time you talked about it. You mainly stayed in the spare room most of the day, only coming out to get a drink or to sneak to the bathroom.

Your eyes move to the clock that's on the nightstand.

05:23 PM

You let out a sigh, listening to Self Care by Mac Miller play once again. You've had it on loop all day. For some reason, you just really felt like you needed it to play.

There's a soft knock on your door and you sit up, "Yeah?" You watch as the door opes and Chris walks in, "We're probably going to get pizza for dinner, if that's okay?"

You smile slightly, nodding as you reach over to pause the song, "Yeah, that's fine." He nods, looking around the floor for a few seconds before he looks back at you, "Are you okay?"

You stop breathing for a second, nodding, "Yeah." You sigh quietly and Chris crosses his arms, "Alright.. I'm just making sure because I kept hearing Mac each time I passed the door and it just so happens to be the same song I listen to when I'm upset with stuff so..yeah."

His words shock you.

You manage to muster up enough strength to speak, "It is?" He gives you a nod and you can feel the tears brewing because you want to tell someone how loud your dad screamed at you, the holes in the wall that he made by punching them.

He closes the door fully and walks over, "You can talk to me, I'm not gonna say anything unless you want me to."

Your eyes meet his and that's when you break, leaning into him, his arms wrap around you. You lay your forehead against his neck and just start telling him everything as you cry.

He plants gently kisses to your forehead and calms you down each time you get worked up.


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