Shy obsessed stalker x reader

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Requested By: Xxyyzzig and Kaito_Shion_simp
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Requested By: Xxyyzzig and Kaito_Shion_simp⚠️Trigger Warnings⚠️SexYandere stuff Soft yandereKidnapping

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I was sitting in math class doing my homework when I saw Jack and his friends walk in a few minutes after the bell rang. A few minutes after they walked in I felt a sudden sense like someone was watching me, I quickly looked around the class to try and find the source but didn't find anyone looking at me, brushing it off I went back to doing my homework for this class.

Why can't they just come to class on time and where is my teacher, shouldn't he be here?

I heard a lot of loud talking coming from Jack's side of the room I looked over and saw him and his friends talking and laughing, I sighed and looked back down at my paper until I felt the feeling that someone was watching me again.

Why do I keep getting this feeling?

I looked around the class again and made eye contact with one of Jack's friends.

What's his name?

I turned around so I could talk to my friend, Ryleigh, who was watching Supernatural.

"Hey, do you know that boy's name that's always with Jack but draws in his sketchbook?" I asked her after I let her pause her show.

"Uh," she said while looking at him for a split second. "No, I don't, sorry, why did you want to know?"

"Because I didn't even know that he was in this class," I said while turning back around so I could finish my homework. "I just wanted to know."

I decided to steal another glance at him only to see that he was drawing while glancing at his phone from time to time.

Well, at least he's not staring at me but I wonder what he draws in that book all the time?

"Sorry I'm late class," my teacher said as he ran into the room with papers in his hands. "But the copy machine wasn't working so it took a little longer for me to get here than normal."

No one said anything as he went to his desk to put the papers he had down.

"Okay," my teacher said as he grabbed his clipboard and pen. "Everyone get your homework out so I can check it and go over it."

"Wait we had homework?" someone asked genuinely confused that we had homework.

"Yes," my teacher sighed while looking so disappointed. "If you didn't finish the work yesterday day in class it was homework."

"Oh," the student said as they got out their binder. "Then I finished it!"

I can't believe this is my life!

{~~~<Time Skip>~~~}

I was walking down the hallway, on my way to lunch with my friends but I was looking down at my phone.

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