Chapter 40

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Reuploaded to hopefully fix the text.

*Elizabeth's P.O.V*

"Just pick one already!" Mommy says as I throw everything out of my trunk and across the entire room, looking for the one outfit I want!

"No!! I want that outfit!!" I tell her, continuing to look for it because surely she is wrong and it is here!!

"And I've already told you we don't have it!! You haven't worn that in years. Why would we think to pack it then? I would be surprised if you even still own it!!" Mommy says, clear irritation in her tone as I continue to ignore her.

I just know she is wrong because there is no way she could have possibly forgotten it!! She always made sure I was wearing it whenever we left the castle for a trip, and her and daddy always told me how beautiful I was in it!! That's why it is always packed anywhere we go!

It should be easy to find though because it's a silver white dress. It also looks kind of blue under the right lighting. It's kind of like Cinderalla's dress, especially when it's blue and so it was my favorite since I enjoyed the fairy godmother in the story and she gave her the dress. I wished I could have a fairy godmother like Cinderella. She would probably be much nicer than mama was and never punish me and she would have magic too! She would probably summon all the pretty dresses for me with that magic!

It was also super puffy, since it had several layers of fabric and a sewn in petticoat. It was so big that mommy often complained about it because it would take up so much trunk space! I didn't remember who had made it but I knew that I needed to find out so I could get more dresses just like it! Then mommy couldn't make me wear anything but those dresses.

"I'll tell you what, if you get dressed and ready before our driver comes looking for us, I will see about us heading into the nearest town to find you a similar dress. You need to hurry or we won't have the time though!" Mommy bargains with an impatient sigh, and I begin moving frantically at this news because I must have a new dress! Maybe even 2! Or 3!!

"Something appropriate, young lady!! You are not going out like that!!" Mommy says when I try to put on the first things I can find. Trying again, mommy sighs and comes over to join me in the middle of my mess. Picking me up, she actually sits me down on the changing table so I'm out of the way.

"Stay!" Mommy warns with a serious look before letting me go. Staying, I watch mommy clean up my mess by carefully and neatly putting it back in my trunk. Bored, I scoot back and lay down, finding the changing table kind of comfy. The crinkling noise it makes whenever I move is also fun to make so I get distracted trying to find the best way to make it.

That's why I'm surprised when mommy shows up and lightly tickles my side. Squirming away, mommy eventually stops and repositions me so I'm more center before grabbing my colorful tights and pulling them down and off.

Next, she actually hooks my underwear with her fingers and pulls them off too. Embarrassed, I try to cover myself up but mommy moves my hands away while she inspects me. Bending down slowly as she keeps a watchful eye on me, she actually holds me still after I try to see what she is doing. When she stands back up, setting a pack of wipes on the table, I'm surprised and curious what she needs those for.

Grabbing one, I'm even more surprised when mommy actually proceeds to clean me down there with a baby wipe! She even discards that one while grabbing my ankles and lifts me up to wipe my bottom clean with a new wipe!!

Embarrassed that this is actually happening, I quickly look away and miss mommy taking out a diaper until she sets me down on it. Too stunned and embarrassed to even speak, I just stare in total shock as mommy grabs it to lift up and over before pausing. Staring at it and then me and then back to it, she shakes her head back and forth, like she's coming out of a daze.

"Sorry, baby. Sorry, bad name choice there," Mommy apologies with a soft chuckle after seeing my pout from being called her baby in this situation!

"You were just laying here, enjoying yourself, so all I meant to do was change you while you were on it, clothes, not diaper. How long has it even been since we've done this? Let's see, probably potty training? All those times you insisted you could make it in your big girl undies, just to have an accident and end up on your changing table to get cleaned up. I must have subconsciously been reenacting one of those times without realizing," Mommy states, pulling the diaper out from under me before leaving there embarrassed.

Jumping off quickly, I watch her return and blush as she helps me into a new set of underwear. Inspecting them, I realize they feel and look different from my normal pair. Looking at them further, I realize they are also quite childish and figure out why as mommy helps me into boring tights and a plain dress!

"I'm not wearing trainers!!" I proclaim to mommy, crossing my arms and planting my feet as I demand a change!

"Hush, you'll wear what I say you'll wear or a horse won't be the only thing that hurts your bottom today!" Mommy threatens with zero mercy as she grabs one of my hands and drags me out of the room.

"I don't want to ride a horse so don't need them," I proclaim as I find the first thing I can think of to try and complain about because I wasn't going to complain about the trainers directly when anyone could hear.

"You love riding at your aunt's house. Plus, they will help during the bumpy carriage ride to her house," Mommy states, waving away my excuse with ease, making me purse my lips in frustration.

"No I don't," I argue, feeling my eyebrows furrow in a mean look. Mommy always says I look grouchy when I do it, so I know that I need to do it so that she knows I'm serious about not enjoying riding today and will change me.

"Yes you do. You used to tug on my skirts every minute or so to see if it was time to go outside yet. Don't act like you weren't doing that even... 5 years ago. My, it's been a long time since you've been to a family gathering, hasn't it?" Mommy muses as she guides me down the stairs, her hand on my lower back.

"Well... that was then! I'm too old to ride horses now!!" I protest weakly, finding my argument weak even for me. That's why I'm even more surprised when mommy stops and turns around to look at me.

"If you hate them that much, then go up and change. I will be nice and remind you that if you do that though, you get no new dresses today, as we won't have the time. Make your pick… dresses or your usual underwear…" Mommy says, letting me go and heading for the carriage alone.

Standing there on the steps, I look back and forth between the room and mommy debating if getting out of these stupid trainers was worth not getting new dresses. Mommy even said dresses and not a dress so that means more than one!! Surely I can wear these trainers for now and just change after my dresses are mine, right? With my mind made up, I skip to mommy, ready to be in the carriage and shopping already!

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