In the Glowing Green Lights | Jake Webber

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Summary: Reader meets Jake at a bar, learning quickly about what goes on underneath

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Summary: Reader meets Jake at a bar, learning quickly about what goes on underneath.

Warnings: strong language, fighter!Jake, fighting, mentions of blood, cuts, bruises, punching, kicking, kissing, alcohol consumption, not really smut but it's not really fluffy cute, if you read, you'll understand what I mean - not edited



"Thank you." You gave the bartender a small smile as he set your glass, half full of a dark liquid down on the bar.

He nods and you lay a ten down, "Keep the change." He smile, "Thank you." You nod and look down at your drink, mind racing about why you decided to move to L.A.

Why did I come here?

Do I have a reason to be here?

Can I really fit in and-

"This seat taken?" The deep voice pulls you from your thoughts and you look up, slowly turning your head over to where the voice came from.

A, very tall, guy with a beanie covering his black choppy looking hair, stands there with a small smile on his lips. He was fairly cute, you couldn't lie, so you shake your head, "Not at all."

You smile and sit up, turning towards him slightly as he sits down.

"I'm Jake." He holds his hand out and you look down, shocked when you see his busted up and bruised hand, "Um." You tilt your head as you take his hand, "Y/n."

You look up at him and a smile spreads across his have as you speak, "I'm sorry, but I have to ask. Are you okay? Do you need like medical attention or something!"

He shakes his head, taking a sip of his drink, "Nah, nah. I'm alright, sweetheart."

Your heart skips a beat and you can feel your cheeks growing redder.

"Thank you for asking." He smiles and you nod, "I mean, if you say so." You laugh slightly, eyes moving back down to fixate on your freshly manicured hand in his.

The deep colored bruising and the dark red scabs not only intrigued you in a, what do you do on a daily basis kind of way, but also in a wow nothing has ever turned you on like this before way, too.

"You can ask." Jake's voice causes your eyes do snap up to his, "what?"

He chuckles, sipping on his drink, "I said. You can ask."

"Uh, ask what?" You play dumb and Jake squeezes your fingers that are still lingering on his palm. He leans in and his eyes move from your lips to your eyes, "Ask me what I do to make my hands look like this."

Your eyes move between his and you smirk slightly, "Tell me, Jake." You circle his palm with your fingers slowly, "What do you do to get your hands all beat up?"

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