Act Natural | Johnnie Guilbert

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Warnings: fluff, swearing, kissing

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Warnings: fluff, swearing, kissing



You're sat on Johnnie's lap, facing him as his hands hold your hips and his lips are on your neck. You slide your hands up his check, resting them on the sides of his shoulders.

"Jake's going to be here any minute." You mumble, closing your eyes as you feel Johnnie's hands slide up your shirt, "Mhm." Johnnie looks up at you, his voice in a soft whisper, "You know he's always late because he forgot something at home."

You laugh slightly, nodding as you lean in to press your lips to his. Johnnie gives your hips a little squeeze and pulls your body closer to his. He groans lowly as you grind down onto him, lying back as he pulls you with him.

You kiss up his neck, across his jaw and up his cheeks until you finally reach his lips. He smiles and slides a hand up your back, "Are you going to behave in today's video?"

You nod, "uh huh." He laughs slightly, "Somehow, I don't believe you." You roll your eyes, smooshing your lips back onto his. You make out for another moment or two before Jake's voice causes your body to fly off of Johnnie's, "Well, well, well. What do we have here?"

You look at Jake then Johnnie. All three of you continue to look around at each other until one of you finally breaks the silence.

"I. Fucking. Knew it." Jake points, "You lying little sluts." He walks in pointing between you and Johnnie, "I asked Johnnie about this, what? Last fucking month and you said no, you were just friends." He laughs, "I was fucking right."

"You can't say anything, Jake." you look at him and he rolls his eyes, "Do I have to pinky swear?" You laugh, holding up your pink as you nod, "Yes, sir. You do." He huffs, looking at you with a smirk as he wraps his pinky around yours.

"Great, now that that's over. Do you want to explain now or after the video?" Jake looks between you and Johnnie and in unison, "After."

You've made it half way through the stream, and so far, Jake hasn't said a word about what he walked in on. You're sitting in the back and Johnnie was up front with Jake.

Every now and then, Jake would glance between you and Johnnie, teasing you subtly and it drove you nuts.

"That was really sour, holy- oh fuck." Johnnie groans, "I hate this." Jake picks one up and plops the whole piece of candy in his mouth. Instantly groaning and looking for someplace to spit it out at.

Johnnie holds his hand out and you stare at Johnnie as you think about how you love how caring towards Jake he is - even if it's allowing Jake to spit his slobbered up candy in his hand.

"Fuck that.." Jake gasps, "Where did you get these?" Johnnie shrugs, "I don't know, some website." Jake looks at Johnnie, "What the black market? Now our tongues are gonna fall off." Jake sticks his tongue out, gripping the end of his tongue, "I need this."

You roll your eyes and look down as Johnnie hands one back to you, "Do you want to try one?" You shake your head, "No." Jake whips back, "Do it." You shake your head, "No. I seen how you guys were, I'm not doing it."

You laugh and Johnnie nods, "No I don't blame her. If I could go back and not do this again." He stops and laughs and Jake joins in laughing, "Nah, you'd still fucking do it, don't lie."

Johnnie laughs, "That's why I stopped." He pulls the pack up, "I think the worst thing is the shock it gives you in your jaw, like right when you taste it."

"No dude." Jake groans, "That shock is soo bad.." he laughs, clearly not thinking, "Almost as bad as the shock of them I walk in on y/n a-" he stops and lifts his head, making an surprised face as he stares into the camera.

You and Johnnie's eyes are locked on Jake and the chat is absolutely blowing up.


User 2: when y/n and WHO WERE WHAT




User 6: WHO BAGGED Y/N!?!?!?

"Yeah, Jake." You clear your throat, tilting your head, "you you wanna finish that sentence?" You try your best not to laugh but you fail and Jake shakes his head laughing, "I said nothing." He points to the camera, "You all are going insane."

"The voices are getting to us all." Johnnie chimes in quietly and you laugh, "For the record, there is nothing to tell, Jake just likes to start drama in my life when he's bored." You gently smack Jake on the forehead and he yells dramatically, "Ow! Fuck, oh my god!"

Johnnie reaches over and does what you did and Jake does it back to Johnnie but a little harder, causing a loud smack! to sound through the car. You gasp, immediately laughing, "Oh my god, okay. I think.." you continue to laugh, "I think we're done with this stream for today."

"Gotta go guys, my mom is making me get off my game to make me play outside." Jake says looking know the camera with a sad look, "See ya in the next one." He waves, along with you and Johnnie, and you all say a quick, "Bye!"

"It's eating you alive, isn't it?" Johnnie says as Jake ends the streak and Jake glares up at him, "How did you guys even.." he laughs, "No one suspected anything."

You shrug, leaning forward, "I guess Johnnie and I are just that good." You look over at him and he purses his lips. You lean in and press your lips to his and Jake fake gags, "Get a room, you two. Please. I already saw you do it once, I don't need to see it again."

You laugh, leaning back and Johnnie reaches his hand back to, lay it on your knee. You lay your hand on his, smiling as you trace his tattoos.

Jake lets out a gasp and fumbles his phone before clutching it to his chest, hand slapped on his mouth.

Johnnie looks over at Jake, "What did you do?" You lean up and Jake laughs into his hand loudly, "Uuuumm." He drags out slowly, "I really thought I ended the stream it when we all say bye, but it must have not registered because we.." he scratches his head as he tries not to laugh, "we were still streaming.. this entire time.."


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