30 Minutes Late | Sam Golbach

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Summary: non anon request - "Sam had been focusing too much on working that he had ended up neglecting his relationship

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Summary: non anon request - "Sam had been focusing too much on working that he had ended up neglecting his relationship. You guys had planned to go out on a movie dinner date weeks in advance and already had dinner reservations set, he is too busy working to realize that the reservation was 30 minutes ago. Should you have reminded him? Yes. But you also feel like you shouldn't have to because if he cared then he would've put his work aside for a few hours to spend time with you. ANGSTTTTT but also fluff or smut at the end, dealers choice" 

Warnings: Slightly angsty, strong language, reader breaking down, crying, yelling, suggestive language, kinda sad but happy ending



Sam has missed reservation times. He's been late to pick you up sometimes. He's even had to cancel last minute, but you understood. For the most part, at least. You knew he had deadlines to make, people to update, plans to make, and flights to book.

Once the number of times he's practically bailed on your reaches double digits, that's when you really started to get mad. His reasonings, you're sure were valid at the time, but you would get so mad you thought it was a bullshit excuse, so that just made you pissed.

You said something, you had a long talk one night, got on the same page again and everything was good, almost seemed better.

But only for a short while until things started to gradually trickle back into its cursed routine. You'd say something to him again, then it would just repeat the cycle. Back to square one with it. Finally, maybe after one or two more times, you gave up on what you felt like you just wasting your breath.

One night, while you're laying in bed getting ready to go to sleep, Sam comes in after edited his one video for hours of the day. You feel the bed dip down and his body slides up against yours.

"I made us reservations at the Mitz, they couldn't get us in until three weeks from now, so figure out what you want to do before or after and we can do that."

You stay silent for a second before speaking. Your voice is in a very low whisper, "You promise?" He kisses your shoulder and nuzzles his head into your neck, "I promise. I'm sorry I haven't been with it lately."

"You and Colby have been busy. I get it." You roll over to face him, "I guess.. I just feel like you forget I'm here sometimes." He shakes his head, "I'm sorry I make you feel that way." He kisses your forehead and you close your eyes, "I love you." He rests his forehead against yours and lets out a quiet sigh, "I love you so much."

Over the last three weeks, Sam and Colby surprisingly didn't have much going on, so it worked out in everyone's favor. You and Sam pretty much stayed home, and when he did edit, he made sure to include you.

Which is why, when that certain Thursday evening rolled around, you were absolutely crushed. It felt like, in a weird way, a betrayal. It really wasn't that deep, but to you it was.

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