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The Burbank girl had fulfilled her promise to her friend, inviting Jess over on Friday afternoon so they could start studying for their midterm. Only, about an hour into said studying, the girls decided that a true and proper girl's day was needed.

Billie broke out the magazines, Jess brought the bright coloured nail polish and remover incase they couldn't decide, and Katherine Burbank in all of her cool mom glory kept bringing them snacks along with the occasional face mask.

Jess was catching her up on the supposed double date she was meant to embark on that night, not delving into who exactly would be present at this date she planned on ditching. The only thing she said was that it was meant to be at the movies, but she couldn't stomach it. Billie thought that was fair enough; there wasn't anything decent playing at the small theatre in town anyways.

The girls were sprawled out across the floor, Billie putting the final touches of pink nail polish on Jess' nails, when the Stanley girl changed their topic to one of pure gossip.

"You and Bella have been hanging with those Rez kids a lot lately, huh," Jess asked, though she evidently knew the answer and was only trying to pry.

The blonde girl gave her a smile. "Yeah! The people out there are great," she responded, pointedly thinking of the boys that Jacob was friends with and Jacob's father who technically shared her namesake. "Jake has a massive crush on Bella, and it's so obvious... he's a cutie."

Jess hummed in a way that made it clear to Billie that she wanted to add something. When she halted her movements with the nail brush in hand, Jess let out a sigh. "Billie, you're my best friend, you know that," she started, pulling her hand closer to herself.

"Duh, you and Mikey are my best buds too," she said in earnest. "Is this about me spending too much time with Bella? I know I've been AWOL lately but I swear I—"

"It's not that," Jess quickly interrupted, "well, it is about Bella, just not that."

Billie nodded for her to continue, screwing the cap back onto the nail polish. "Yeah?"

"I'm just scared that she might not be," she trailed off, knocking a finger against her head, "okay, up there yet."

The Burbank girl's eyebrows furrowed. "She's getting better Jess," she responded, her palms getting clammy at merely talking about her good friend behind her back, even if it was only in defence.

Jess' eyes narrowed. "Did she tell you about the completely idiotic stunt she pulled when she and I went to the movies a couple weeks ago?"

Right, the movie night that Billie had skipped in favour of her homework. She shook her head, curiosity getting the better of her, "no... what happened?"

The brunette scoffed out a laugh. "Of course she didn't," she mumbled, but Billie's ears could still pick up on it. "She hoped on this rando, older dude's motorcycle and went for a joyride— leaving me on the sidewalk, alone. At night, might I add."

Billie almost had another statement of defence on the tip of her tongue, but it disappeared. Bella had adopted a love of motorbikes around the same time as this supposed incident occurred, but really? "I asked her how it went, and she said you guys had fun," she responded, eyes focusing on the yellow nail polish on her fingertips. "She would've told me."

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