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Billie rose quicker than lightning, only to smack her head against the boy's and let out a yelp. Her hand flew to her forehead, and she whined. "How is your head that hard?"

"Are you implying that my head is big?" he retorted with a frown, leaning back as the blonde girl tried to stand up from the couch she was laying on.

"No," she stressed, wobbling to her feet while the boy's hand immediately reached out to steady her. "A big head would imply that you're able to solve quadratic equations on your own... which you can't."

His eyes flashed in recognition to one of the times he'd shown up to Jacob's garage, he and Quil brining their math homework after Billie offhandedly said she's excelling at the subject. He all but pouted at that. "Okay, mean."

Laughter could be heard from the other room, and rather than answer the boy next to her, she simply darted towards the sound. It was coming from the kitchen, she deduced as she walked closer with Embry trailing just behind her.

Entering the space, she was greeted by the exact same group of boys she'd seen at the cliffs, plus Bella, plus another woman who looked like she was a only a few years older than them. Said woman came right up to her with a smile. "How are you feeling? You took quite the fall."

Her mouth opened and closed, gaze zeroing in on the boy who literally transformed into a wolf. She pointed a finger at him, a presence behind her. "You're a..." her sentence fell, the boy offering her a smirk, before she looked at the other boys with the matching tattoos and deduced the same, "you're all..."

"Better hold her before she faints again, Embry," a boy chewing on a muffin chuckled out, but earned a slight smack to the shoulder by Sam Uley, the man rolling his eyes.

Her arms crossed over his chest, and she saw Bella give her a small grin. "Told you so."

Billie waved her off. "Yeah, yeah; I'll listen to you from now on," she retorted. Her friend had been right once again; first vampires and now boys who could shift into giant ass wolves? "Do we as a collective think mermaids are real too, then?"

A snort from behind her, and she'd momentarily forgotten that Embry was right there lurking in her shadow. "Vampires are one thing, but that would be a stretch," he told her.

"Dude!" the boy with the muffin exclaimed, throwing his hands in the air. He gestured to Bella, "just because Bella's involved with the bloodsuckers doesn't mean that blondie is too."

"My name is Billie," she murmured under her breath. "And oh, I'm fully aware of the Cullens and their... undead-ness."

Embry's arm found a home across her shoulders, dropping it with a thunk. "If anything, Billie's team wolf for sure," he bragged pointedly in Bella's direction.

"Let me finish my freak out first, and then I'll consider."

˚ʚ ❀ ɞ˚

After getting acquainted with the rest of the pack, and eating way too many muffins (Sam's fiancée could really bake, that's for sure), she and Bella were about to make their leave when Embry called out to the blonde.

She'd just reached the passenger door when he jogged up to her. "Can I talk to you for a sec?" he asked, and there was a nervous edge to his voice.

Billie gave him a reassuring smile. "Sure Embry," she said, turning to lean her head through the passenger window that she'd left opened. "Gimme five?"

Bella nodded. "Got it."

She pulled her head from the car and Embry gestured for her to follow. She did, the boy leading her to what looked to be Sam's garage that was separate from the quaint two story. They stepped inside, and it really looked like Embry was sweating as he stared at her, unblinking.

"So... what's up?" Billie started, trying not to let any awkward air settle between them with a bright smile. She was always good at that; good at easing tension. "If this is about the quadratic comment, I was totally kidding!"

"It's not, but... this is gonna sound weird, trust me," he started, hands coming together in front of him to fidget, "uhm— what do you know about imprinting?"

Her eyebrows furrowed. "I had a baby duck imprint on me once," she revealed. "At least I think it did... it wouldn't stop following me to and from school when I was five, but—"

"I imprinted on you!"

It was rushed out, all in one breath, but Billie caught it. If the sudden knowledge of wolf shifters had her befuddled, this was the icing on the cake. "Sorry— pardon me?"

"It's this thing that Quileute shifters do," he began to explain, combing a hand through his cropped hair. "We can't control when it happens or who, but Sam says we'd be anything she needed; a friend, a brother... a lover."

That last part was said in an excruciatingly tense way, and it made Billie's stomach churn. "Oh," she breathed out. "I'm flattered, Embry, don't get me wrong because you're so sweet, but—"

"I know," he cut her off, a wave of relief seemingly washing over him. "I feel something strong when it comes to you, but I know it won't ever be anything romantic."

The blonde smiled up at him. "Are you an only child?" she questioned.

"Yeah, why?" he responded, his own eyebrows furrowing in confusion. How could this be related to anything he was saying?

Billie let out a giggle. "Twins!" she replied easily, a certain type of laughter flowing out of her that made Embry laugh in return. "Guess it's settled then, my brother from another mother!"

Embry merely rolled his eyes fondly, pushing her forward towards the opening of the garage when they heard Bella's horn blare. Both parties were relieved at the decent outcome, and though Billie still didn't understand the mechanics of imprinting, she didn't question it when she saw the elated look on the younger boy's face.

"Guess it's settled, my sister from another mister."

⋆。‧˚ʚ ❀ ɞ˚‧。⋆

[ wyn's note ]

embry and billie are gonna be the best sibling duo #ever. these bitches are about to rival auggie and emmett from KILLER just you wait <3 no one can take billie away from you know who ;)

1K reads!!!! ahhh hope you guys are loving it!!!! the next chap will be up soon— and yup, it's the embarkment to italy!!

all love xx

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