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This chapter contains mature content🔞

{*Many of you want me write more hardcore smut but  i can't  what if someone report my book in near future then?? Then it will be deleted😞 so we can't go beyond this*}
^°^I can't take the risk^°^


"Let's quickly finish dinner; there's so much we want to do afterward".
at the drop of the hat he whispered.

Beating around the bush i gave him a glance.

We all sat around the same table, breaking bread together, saying our goodnights after finishing our meals, and then returning to our rooms.

"Come to the room quickly; I can't wait another second".
He pulled me into his arms, resting his head on my chest.

"Now I have to help Riya and Simmi decide on their dresses. You come along; I'll be there in a moment."

I extricated myself from his embrace and started walking towards Riya's room. He caught hold of me by the elbow and turned me towards him.

"First you left out me in the cold, and now you're putting that on ice , trust me if or only if  i will loose my marbles And if I fall asleep, wherever I see you in the morning, I will pick you up from there and then I won't let you leave the room for the whole day And you being aware of what will we do".

He whispered near my ears, and he gulped his Adam's apple was moving up and down, which was making my body shiver.

It was very difficult for me to control the blush.

"You... you go, I'll be back in just 2 minutes." I left from there.

"Come, Bhabhi, we've been waiting for you for so long. Where were you?"

Simmi exclaimed as she bounced on the bed.

"In The embrace of Bhai " it had
intensified my blush, and my eyes widened in shock at Riya's words.

"Anything goes, you all are shameless," I said as I sat on the bed with my legs crossed.

"Now quickly tell me what to do. I need to sleep soon."

"Why ?? is  Bhai  waiting for you? "
Simmie make Riya laugh.

"Tomorrow morning, I have a lot of work, and there's no special in your brother that I should make efforts for," I said, holding back my blush and making my point.

"Yes, yes, it's quite evident from your face how eager you are to go to your room and cuddle in your brother's arms," Riya teased, and they both burst into laughter, high-fiving each other.

"Should I leave or will you both discuss work?" I said irritably.

And we all got engrossed in finalizing the dresses.
My gaze kept wandering towards the clock; it had been two hours, and I still hadn't reached my room.

Rudra is going to drive me crazy; if he falls asleep before I leave, he'll create chaos tomorrow morning. I've enjoyed the whole day with him, and now he's going to pick me up.

"Bhabhi, Bhabhii, Simmi snapped her fingers in front of me, and I snapped out of my thoughts.


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