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Especially Embry, now that the secret of their existence was out— meaning he could stop all the avoidance that he dished out before Jacob had phased, too.

She could see what all the hype was about: the members of the pack were loud and energetic, two traits that Billie herself had. Though their rambunctiousness did have her on the edge of her seat, Sam's fiancée Emily was always quick to remind her that the boys were practically made of steel, and that they couldn't be hurt that easily.

It was a full week of trying to balance her new reservation friends and her Forks friends, and by Friday, when she was already on her way to the Newton residence, she realized she was meant to meet Bella and grab some history study notes. Mike was always easygoing, told her that they'd reschedule their video game night to another day, but also made sure to ask the blonde to send Bella his regards. Oh yeah, he was still on that.

Pulling her car into her friend's driveway that evening, she turned the engine off before walking up to the front door.

Only, when she approached, she noticed that although the lights were off, the door was actually ajar. Nudging it open fully with her foot, the wood paneling unleashing a large creek, she yelled into the home. "Bells?"

The blonde took a tentative step inside, feeling around on the wall for the light switch. When she found it, she flicked it on and unleashed a shriek at the sight of one Alice Cullen sitting on the Swan's couch. Her breathing was suddenly ragged, a hand pressed to her heart as the girl— no, vampire, rose from the couch. "Oh my god, Alice!" she all but screamed, noting how the girl in question raised her hands in surrender. "Do you just enjoy sitting alone in the dark?!"

"I'm sorry—" she rushed out, blinking away a sudden haze that overtook her eyes. "Where's Bella?"

Billie shook her head. "You tell me, I'm just here to get study notes!" she said, still a little frazzled. Alice came to where she was standing by the door, inquisition in her amber eyes. The vampire didn't have the chance to answer before Billie heard footsteps coming up from behind her. From her spot in the foyer, the girl that they were both looking for waltzed through the doorway soaking wet. "What the—"

"Alice?!" Bella breathed out, instantly jumping into the Cullen girl's confused embrace. She looked nearly frantic at the sight of the vampire. "What are you—"

"Would you like to explain to me how you're alive?" Alice questioned with a sort of anxiousness that was rare to see on her.

Billie blinked, fully taking in Bella's teary eyes and wet clothing. "Bella... where have you been?" she asked slowly, and it was then that the girl's attention started snapping between them both.

"I saw a vision of you," Alice started, "you jumped off a cliff. Why in the hell would you try and kill yourself?"

The blonde girl bristled at the accusation, looking to her brunette friend with a pleading look. Don't admit it, don't admit it.

"I didn't try to kill myself," the Swan girl argued back, cutting off Alice's rant. "I was cliff jumping... recreationally. It was fun."

Billie nearly screamed once more at that, a vein in her forehead pulsating at her sudden anger. The Burbank girl valued responsibility and safety above all, and to her, there was no such thing as safe recreational cliff jumping— much less cliff jumping alone. At least the pack did it together in case something were to happen, but Bella? Bella had risked her life.

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