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┏━━━━⋆。‧˚ʚ ❀ ɞ˚‧。⋆━━━━┓



The festivities would've been enjoyable to stop and observe, if it wasn't for the suffocating tension in the car that Alice rented for them the moment they stepped foot in the country. They essentially went straight from the airport to the streets of Volterra, trying to get to where Edward was causing all this trouble.

Billie was sat in the back, rapidly texting her mother who was confused as to why she was staying with the Stanleys this weekend; but the blonde was just thankful that her friend covered for her. Jessica Stanley was always reliable in that way... plus, she owed Billie for the times that the blonde would vouch on her behalf.

Alice didn't really put up too much of a fight in her tagging along, merely asking the girl if she was positive she wanted to. It was weird, her insistence on getting a "yeah, I'm sure" from the girl, but Billie had always wanted to go to Italy. Only now, that want had turned into a reality.

They sped through the ancient city, the yellow car darting down the cobblestone streets towards the main square.

Then, Alice suddenly pulled over, basically telling Bella that she needed to find Edward— otherwise, he'd heard Alice and Billie's thoughts and would assume it was a trick. Only the brunette could stop him, and once she did, the other two would find them.

When Bella exited the car, Billie switched seats with her and jumped into the passenger side.

"He'll be underneath the clock tower. Go!" Alice urged her, and they both watched how Bella took off into the sea of red, vanishing from eyesight.

If only it had been that easy, because after the stroke of noon sounded throughout the square, Alice had parked the car in an alleyway beside the clock tower.

"Stay here, Billie," she instructed the girl, already unbuckling her seatbelt despite the blonde's babbles of complaint.

"Wait— where are you going?" she asked, leaning forward across the centre console.

"The Volturi are incredibly dangerous," she told her in response, fastening the headscarf around her tighter. "Humans aren't supposed to know about us, so I'm getting them and then we are leaving— alright?"

Billie couldn't argue with that logic. "Okay... I'll wait here."

With that, Alice was gone into the direction of the clock tower, disappearing into the corridor that she knew Bella and Edward would be in. Billie fixed the seat, reclining it so she could rest for a second before they'd hop on another flight.

Surely if she shut her eyes for a moment, nothing would happen— right?

˚ʚ ❀ ɞ˚

There was a knocking at the driver's seat window, and it jolted Billie back to life. She wiped at the corner of her mouth, suddenly frazzled, and looking at whoever was knocking.

It was a bronze-haired man wearing expensive looking sunglasses and was also dressed just a little bit oddly. Then again, she was in an ancient city— perhaps he was fitting the usual dress code? She clamoured over to the driver's seat, rolling down the window.

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