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The flight back to Washington was stifling, to say the least, but Billie gladly filled the air with the dozens of questions running through her mind. She sure as hell didn't know that the handsome man who spoke to her was essentially the top dog of all vampires. And based on what the two Cullens were telling them, it seems as though the two humans were now on his radar.

"I can read your thoughts extremely well, Billie," the telepath scolded her with a grumble, "and there were thoughts in there that I'd never like to hear again."

Bella sunk into her seat even more, turning to her blonde friend in the seat next to her. "Seriously? Of all the vampires in the world to choose from, you just have to have this one?" she asked, obviously referring to the king who just let them go.

"Who said I want to have him?!" Billie shrieked, only to receive many shushes from the others in the first class lounge. Her shoulders caved in on themselves, head dipping. "Why is this so important, huh? I felt like I was gonna yack everywhere."

A wave of silence followed her final question, and it immediately made a chill creep up her spine. There was obviously something that Alice and Edward were omitting from the truth, and even Bella's silence had the blonde believing her friend was in on it too. "Please, tell me."

It was a plea of defeat, and Bella could tell. She sighed, bumping her elbow into Edward's side to get him to explain. "Aro has the unique ability to see every thought a person has ever had," the broody vampire explained. "He was about to execute us all down there, given that Bella knew of our kind's secret, until Alice said she had a vision of her as a vampire."

"Meaning she wouldn't be a threat," Billie nodded along, putting the puzzle pieces together in her mind. "But you said before that her visions can change, right?"

It was a long flight, and so the two vampires really told the blonde girl everything about their kind— including the fact that Alice had the gift of clairvoyance. Billie thought that was much cooler than telepathy, and made sure to have that fact echo in her mind for Edward to hear.

Rather than answer, Edward ranted onward. "In Alice's vision, you were also there," he said, and Billie's easygoing attitude was once again snuffed out of her. "And when Aro saw you... and how close you seemed to Bella in the vision, he knew you were somewhere nearby and sent Demetri to get you."

It looked like he wanted to say something else, and the back of Billie's mind itched with curiosity. What else was he hiding? What else happened down there?

"So," she wobbled out, "I'm also projected to— y'know—" Even without saying the words aloud, her stomach shook.

Alice's cold hand was placed on top of her own, shooting a comforting smile her way. "It isn't so bad," she tried reassuring the girl, but all Billie heard was confirmation of the fact.

She would die. She would become a vampire.

"Yeah, no thank you." She pulled her hand away and stood, gesturing to the nearby lavatory. "I'll, uh, be right back."

As soon as she locked herself in the rather spacious airplane bathroom, she sat on the ground and put her head in her hands. And as silent dons wracked her body, she had no doubt that the two vampires on the flight could undoubtedly hear.

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