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But never once had he seen such a creature as beautiful as the human girl that was stood anxiously before him.

Billie. What a silly little name.

He needed to know everything about her.

"How have you been enjoying Italy so far?"

Based on Alice's vision and her thoughts alone, not even accounting for the ones he observed from Edward's mind, he knew the girl before him hadn't been in Italy long. No, he knew they'd just come to collect the telepath who came to die, but he had to speak with her; he had to hear her soft voice again.

He saw the confusion swirling in her own eyes, but smiled when she gave him an answer without averting her gaze. "It's nice," she replied with overt politeness. It made him question whether she knew who he was to the vampires, or if she was always polite to mere strangers. "But I'm eager to go home... I have a history test on Monday and I haven't even studied yet, so..."

A sensation of despair flared within him, though it was only brief. She was perfect in every way imaginable, but it was so apparent that she was a human.

A human who wasn't supposed to know of their kind at all, and yet here she stood, a friend among the pesky Cullens. Things would need to change, but he'd seen Alice's vision. She would be like him one day, red eyes rather than the amber that made his being boil with annoyance. That alone was enough to calm him.

So, all he could do was nod. "Very well," he said, then turned to make eye contact with the other human in the room, the one clutching onto Edward as though her life depended on it. "You all may go— make your preparations."

Yet, when the blonde girl with the silly little name went, Aro couldn't peel his eyes away from her. He got a glimpse of a careful smile she tossed Isabella Swan's way, and felt his body leaning forward at the sight. He longed for her to smile at him like that, but it seemed as though he'd need to wait.

They met eyes once again, and he bowed his head before her as she went— bowed his head for his future Queen.

And only when he was sure they were gone, a member of the Guard escorting them out the door, he turned to the Guard's two highest ranking members with a wide smile. "Find out everything you can about this girl," he commanded towards the twins. They nodded, and his smile dropped as he locked eyes with the one who'd roughly brought her to him.

He snapped his fingers, and instantly,  Demetri was being pulled from the room by four other vampires under Aro's authority.

"Deal with him."

˚ʚ ❀ ɞ˚

At Aro's careful instruction, the vampiric twins were travelling to and from Forks with ease to gather intel on the one their master sought out most.

It was their third day of all the back and forth when Alec growled under his breath from their spot hidden in the treeline behind the girl's home. "All of this for a pesky little human?" he complained, though his eyes were trained on the back window at the silhouette that moved back and forth.

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