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"Are you sure it's not a prank caller?" he asked from his place beside Bella, the three of them gathered in the Swan family's living room.

She thrusted the phone in his direction, showing them the man's latest text message.

Vamp King
How do you humans take
pleasure in sending these... texts?
I'm constantly befuddled, but know
I take your advice to heart.

Tell me, why do you excel in the
languages yet have failed Biology II?

"He knows I flunked Bio last semester," she whined petulantly, pointing at her phone in Edward's grasp. "How the hell would he know that?!"

Bella's head snapped up at that, knowing her friend only swore if she was stressed; which evidently, based on the incessant pacing that began, was the case here. "B, calm down," Bella urged her friend— her friend who didn't even seem to register her words.

"He's supposed to be this ancient ass vampire... I'm pretty positive there weren't phones around when he was born," she cried out, finally throwing herself into the loveseat in front of the pair. Her head was in her hands. "I do not have time for this crap, guys."

"I thought you said he was chiseled by the gods," Edward retorted, using her words against her, and it made her head jolt upright to stare him down.

"That was confidential, given that I only thought about him like that," she snapped, but there wasn't much heat in her tone. "Yeah, he's gorgeous, but are we forgetting he almost had us killed down there?"

Edward rolled his eyes, tossing her phone back in her direction. "He wouldn't have killed you," he said mindlessly, but his statement had made Bella ram her elbow into his side.

"What was that?" Billie asked, clocking the motion right away.

Bella feigned nonchalance. "Arm spasm, sorry."

"I know you, and that was no arm spasm," she replied suspiciously, standing up once more. Crossing her arms over them, both parties looking at each other nervously, she huffed. "Okay, fess up. Or I tell Charlie how you've been sneaking Edward into your room despite your curfew, and that—"

"Aro thinks you're his soulmate."

Billie and Bella looked at each other before the former burst out into laughter, practically doubling over. "Real funny, Bells," she cackled, pretending to wipe an exaggerated tear from her eye. "But seriously, what is going on?"

"She's not joking," Edward's monotone voice said next, and it ended Billie's train of giggles instantly. "Aro knows you're his mate, and when he saw you for the first time, his thoughts confirmed it."

The Burbank girl blinked at him before her frustration rose to the surface. "And you're just telling me this now?!" she exclaimed, throwing her hands at her sides defeatedly. "We got back five days ago!"

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